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Putting My Neck On The Line.

At the risk of upsetting possibly all but one of my EP. friends, I have to say that;

The acronym 'lol' has now joined the oh so lazily used phrase 'at the end of the day' as one of my top irritating pieces of lazy bastardizing of the wonderful English language.

I realise I am almost certainly alone except for one EP. friend in putting this opinion into print.

Incidentally this is the one and only time you will see 'that' acronym in ANYTHING I write here.

Ok do your worst,  I'm prepared for martyrdom!
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 15 Responses May 22, 2012

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I have had to ask a few people what their messages, merely a few odd letters, meant. If you want bad grammar, try some the stuff and nonsense business types use when they wish to sound clever or advertise for staff.
At one presentation to staff I gave up listening to the speaker who used "going forward" on almost every sentence describing policies to come, as if none of us could understand the future tense. Though given that Radio Four's guest historians and weather sooth-sayers know only the present tense...

I have just read all comments on this post.
As an author who puts great store by every comment I recieve I was stunned to see at least half a dozen comments that I had not seen before.
I am convinced that I would have read them had I been notified that they were here. I can only assume that EP has failed to notify me of them.

Ep stopped informing me about my friends activities. You can be sure that it's ep's fault, not yours!

I don't get many notifications for new stories from my friends - something I am keenly interested in receiving.

I go on every profile to find them.

I have been doing this, but have a tendency to drift off to the stories they commented on.

Me too! lol

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I try to avoid to lol in your presence! :-P

PS Is rofl ok?

I don't even know what that particular acronym means Ricki.
I dont like acronyms of these types in general.
Acronyms like 'BBC, RSPCA, RNLI, and RSPCA', are fine but these new internet 'text' type acronyms irritate the hell out of me.

When I started using the internet it was like Bohemian villages (double Dutch) to me but now it's fun.
I could teach you some if you like! ;-)

I found this list for you:
You mustn't use acronyms but next time you will know what they mean.

sadly, I've actually caught myself saying "lol" with a dry smirk instead of laughing IRL (hehehe)<br />
<br />
I think the difference here is that "at the end of the day" is not only irritating, but generally used by semi-literate people trying to sound intelligent, or by literate people who are speaking down to their audience (usually in an exasperated monotone while struggling mightily not to harangue the idiots), while "lol" crosses all boundaries...<br />
<br />
remember that language is ultimately defined by use, or we'd all still be saying "thee" and "thou" and "thine", and "forsooth" or "verily" instead of "tru dat" ... :P<br />
<br />
anyhow, I think the "lolcrime" rests in context and not in the acronym itself - I agree it's overused but what you're really bemoaning is other people's laziness or lack of ability to express themselves.<br />
<br />
eliminating a phrase here or there isn't going to fix that, not even a little bit.

Thanks for the coments sumner, very interesting and insightful.
As a prolific reader of novels I am only too aware that language evolves.
The language used by Dickens, one of the greatest story tellers in fictional literature, differs greatly from that used by Stig Larsson in the Millenium trilogy, but I enjoy reading both.
I don't intend to write a thesis here about how language has evolved from how it was when I was a chid, or young man even, to what it is today.
My problem with said acronym is that it is used by some more as 'punctuation' than as an expression of amusement. It appears at the end of every phrase or sentence in some peoples writing.
As far as the other phrase is conderned, that pure laziness and lack of imaginative effort,
There are numerous ways to say what is being wxpressed by this phraes. Ironically almost all of them more accurately define what is meant, than the lazy phrase that trips so easily off of the tongues of even well educated people.
When all is said and done.
All things considered.
The bottom line is.
In summary.
Taking everything into consideration.
What it comes down to.
I could go on for some considerable time, but I think you can see my point.
The English language is a beatiful and sometimes powerful tool that we have at our disposal.
There are many people who frequent this website, who use it with great skill.
Then there are the lazy ones who bastardise it at every turn. I believe it is worth a little effort to try to preserve it, and to discourage those who would reduce it to little more than text speak.

Well I wouldn't be too worried .... but as always a tad bit annoyed that a language that could express much more will turn to acronyms for the convenience of teeny boppers and young adults who didn't have enough hormones to evolve to adults.
But art and language will remain forever indebted to their predecessors for the pioneering effort to inform and entertain. In the end I guess that is all that matters.

I like a good lol at the end of the day :P

Is 'Putting My Neck On The Line' a tortured idiom? Are we blending 'Sticking My Neck Out' with 'Putting My A$$ On The Line'? Maybe alternatively it should be 'Sticking My A$$ Out' ?

I prefer his neck - haha

Who knows Mary? but it all sounds risky to me.

I've got no answer, but all this talking about A$$es combined with your profile pic leaves my mind wandering down a dark and disreputable path with a crooked smile...

<br />
(hmmm .. thats not right)

Oh no! Tassie you are threading on thin ice -'that' aka haha

What is lying on my back and laughing my arse off .. or something like that?

Oops typo...

Did you say "at the end of the day"? That must surely be ATEOTD .... You asked tor it -:)

Thanks for commenting Thinker.

Tip toes in.........Peeks around...... O-o.....I'm "almost" safe with this one....I don't use the "acronym that we will not name" too much.... I usually leave a lil "giggle" face :D :)

At least if you did use it, I could believe that you really were laughing out loud.

I was!! :D ♥

Lol, sorry I couldn't resist!

Tsk tsk.


I don't use it either, Ari. But I do say haha when I want you to know I'm laughing....sometimes hehe if it's more like a chuckle.<br />
<br />
Is that ok?<br />
<br />
<br />

I'm not trying to make any rules dat.


I will try not to use 'that' when I write on your stories and WB, Ari...;) maybe can you just shut one eye haha

Please don't worry about it, it's not a major fault.
It wouldn't stop me from being your friend.

Awww..hugs to you Ari. I'm not offended;) you know I write in three different styles on EP. When it is serious, no smileys and no 'that'. But when I'm with friends, I'm very easy and laid back. Sometimes even amusing;) so I do know when not to use 'That' haha

I won't be using it~ I promise Ari.

So pleased to hear that hc.
You have such a wealth of beautiful English in your vocabuulary.

I generally prefer heh, for a chuckle, hahaha for a good one, and AHAHAHAHA!!!! for something that has me kicked back and laughing my head off.<br />
<br />
The kids are always gonna annoy us somehow, Ari.

A vast improvement in my opinion hylie.

Arrgghhhh-- Ari...have mercy ;)

Sigh, I think I expressed this view to you personally Df.
It's just my feelings no more.

I know ...haha...I can take hints..hahaha

Geez, I love you guys! I want to laugh, but I don't know about *laugh laugh*