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I can understand a misspelled word, a typographical error, or an occasional slip here or there. But the degradation of society and total disregard for the English language apparent in our youth is appalling. How do these “kids” pass middle school, much less high school? It is apparent our standards as a society are declining – too many people looking the other way so as not to offend anyone. After all, everyone is entitled to a High School Diploma, right? Just show up, pass the 8th grade level graduation test, and it’s yours for the taking. Some schools have even done away with recognizing valedictorians so as not to offend anyone; really, offend someone by recognizing a few select individuals for their hard work?
Well welcome to the real world kids, because what you failed to learn in school is going to bite you in the behind once you graduate to the real world. Better just stand in line at the next Occupy Wall Street outing and cry with the rest of your entitled, passed-along friends. Life IS a battle of the fittest, so prepare yourself properly or pay the consequences. If you want to be taken seriously, then learn to communicate properly. And if you can't, then spend less time on EP and go back to school!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

You know this no child left behind thing is crap. My son got a 27 on his math test because he didn't pay attention to directions. We guess what??? They let him take the same test over again and............... of course he got an 88 this time. When I was in school, if you failed you failed. We give kids too many chances and I don't really think it works in our school system

and that my friend is a damned shame. but true..........

I agree, although I see just as many problems with professional people. Whether they are 30 or 50, they write things like "your welcome" or use "myself" incorrectly in sentences. I have been noticing it more and more. Someone will write or say, "Mary and myself will be attending". If Mary's not coming, would they say, "myself will be attending or I will be attending?" It's an epidemic!