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You guys are pretty harsh critics aren't you? Sheesh.. personally my spelling and grammar are great. Yet at the same time, when I see someone with atrocious spelling I know that i don't excel in all areas of life either. You judge them soley on spelling and grammar skills?
mama0406 mama0406 26-30, F 3 Responses Aug 12, 2012

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I try to emphasize with them, yet if it's their native language, they should have the decency to keep it from degrading farther then it already has... (Using Americanized English as an example.) I don't judge anyone for how they type, but if it's detrimental to the story, or so bad you can't decipher what they're trying to say, there's a problem there that should be addressed. I'm not AGAINST bad grammar, for everyone makes mistakes - I'm against "L337" speak, and "TXT" lingo in what is supposed to be an important or slightly meaningful story or comment.

You know what? Yes, I do judge people partially on spelling and grammar and I'm not going to deny it. I mean, c'mon, how hard is it to have at least decent grammar and spelling? How hard is it to proof-read the things you just wrote? Is it THAT hard? Whenever I see people confusing there, their and they're I die a little inside, I'm not saying you have to be perfect in this are and frankly no one is. What I'm trying to say is that making mistakes like these is just stupid and unnecessary, how can one make mistakes like that? How can you confuse "a" and "an", how can people mistake "your" for "you're", if you actually paid attention to your English class, you should know that those words have a whole different meaning.<br />
<br />
So, yes, I do judge people on spelling and grammar, the way you write or, in this case, type, is the way you represent yourself to people who cannot see you. We don't know what type of person you are, we don't know how you look and how you act. So in a way, writing properly represents you on the internet. If I wrote this post full of obvious mistakes would you take me seriously? If I did that same thing when someone asks a serious question, would they take me seriously? The answer is no. Because it's sloppy and unnecessary and it makes you think that the writer didn't take you serious. That's my opinion and my thoughts about it.

It isn't a judgement per se. I just think if you are representing yourself whether online or on paper should try to use proper spelling & grammar. Obviously mistakes happen. Typos or just honest mistakes can happen to anyone. It is more of a consideration of those who have had the opportunity to write properly their whole lives and have chosen not to. If one are a US citizen who has lived his or her life entirely within the US and are under 50 or so, there is no reason that individual couldn't learn to spell and use decent grammar. If he or she chose not to, that does indicate to me at least some laziness. Now, I don't expect English scholars, but when a document written by a person of that nature is so unintelligible as to be unreadable, then I have to ask myself what in the heck that person was doing during school. I automatically don't mean those who have legitimate learning problems. If they are sound of mind & body, then there can be no excuse except a lack of caring about what they speak.