Hatred Can Hardly Stop The Change

Every aspect of language changes over time. Words change, rules change even meaning changes. People who wish to freeze language at a state they think it is "the right state" may play an important role in slowing down the inevitable.

In the last ten years, communication and ways of processing the written and spoken language went through a major revolution. Earlier, there was almost no way to see in public how "plain folks" write and talk. In order to get publicity one had to go through a laborious process that weeded out "bad grammar". Only a small fraction of the population was able to make it through. But whatever they thought the "right state" of language was it was almost entirely up to them to save it or change it. No more.

Freezing language at any preferred state is going to be way harder from now. And hatred is hardly helpful in slowing changes down. Instead, hatred most possibly fuels and encourages unorthodox language use among people who have been left out or kept out of the "high literate society".

If slowing down the change is still important for some, they have to come up with better tools than hatred, I fear.
AdamInChains AdamInChains
41-45, M
Aug 19, 2012