Don'T Judge People How They Write

I know I meet allot of people make a fuss about grammar. I do understand how important grammar can. However, just because someone don't write well that does not mean you should judge them.

I'm a person grew up with an language based learning disability. It was a challenge learning English in school. I had allot of people make fun of me because of my spelling, mixing up my tenses and among other things.

As I grew older I got better. Though it can still be hard for me to understand new words I have never used before. Some people say use a dictionary. But there times the dictionary can be useless for me as there may be multiple words I don't understand when I read the definition.

Spelling is very hard for me. Though it is nice spell check exist, but spell check can only help you so far.

I do try my best to find ways to improve on my writing as much as I can, but I know I will always have trouble in grammar when writing.

My point of writing this hoping that some of you might think twice how you judge people how they write. Yes there is people out there that don't care about English at all and will continue with writing bad grammar. Than there people like me with a disability that haves trouble understanding the fundamentals of grammar.
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Thanks for those wrote positive comments. Everyone that wrote positive comments made my wish comes true and we had a very interesting conversations.

You have a learning disability, and you know your grammar isn't the best, and yet you come out and write stories. It's brave of you to do so. You use the language to the best of your ability, and people appreciate that. You're probably improving as you go, which is also admirable.

You organize your ideas well and use capital letters and punctuation, so there are definitely some strengths there.

Most people are interested in the quality of your work; if the quality of your stories is good, other things can be overlooked. The spelling, punctuation, and grammar of your written work is like the clothes it wears. If I'm applying for a job, and I wear a business suit from Neiman Marcus, people will pay more attention to what I say because it is apparent that I respect myself enough to prepare. However, If I later prove to be a total jerk, or don't say anything worth listening to, my clothing will not redeem me.

If I'm applying for the same job, and have the ideas, qualifications, and personality for the job, and show up wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants from Walmart, people may not be able to look past that. If they do, they may see that I have good things to say and can do good things, but a lot will be lost in my appearance. Grammar is the same way.

If you're doing the best you can, great! My pet peeve is people who post long rambling diatribes 200+ lines long, with nary a capital letter, nor a period, nor a paragraph space to be found. I usually give up about five lines in. Such things were taught by grade two, and I assume that there may not be much to the content, based on its packaging. Maybe they've got something worthwhile to say, but I have neither the time nor the energy to decipher it.

I can appreciate that not everyone learns easily. I can appreciate that not everyone has an extensive education. Poor grammar is a bit of a pet peeve, but that's more my issue than anyone else's; perhaps I'm depriving myself of a great read based on my own pretensions. If so, I guess I'm the one who has to live with that.

Thanks. You know, 1 1/2 years ago I got a full time job as a software developer. During my 4th month, the manager had concerns about my communications skills. With the exception of my communications skills, the manager said I'm a very good software developer. The company was willing to pay for classes to improve on my skills. After that day, I decided to disclose my learning disability.

The city I'm living in now, haves an centre that helps people with disabilities for work. However they haven't been very helpful. Allot of gov't services I tired to use here is not giving me good support. However, the city I use to live at would give me all the support I need.

Long story short, I'm working with an organization in the city I use to live in remotely so I can find someone that can give me the support I need locally.

As in interesting note, the organization I been working remotely have achieved allot more for me than the disability center I use to use locally.

I had to fight very hard where I'm at in my life and I was never a quitter.

It sounds as though you've really made the most of your talents and abilities. You are an inspiration to people in a similar position. I'm sorry that the city in which you work does not offer effective programs to deal with communication issues, but doubtless, you've made improvements in any case. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories!


Willyg I am impressed by your story. My heart always breaks when I learn someone has a learning disability or is not able to read. (yes I know several people who can not read) It seems as if the world is against them, and they are missing SO much!
I am really proud of you for pressing on and getting where you are today. Great Job

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Then EP is a great tool for you. You'd have a lot of teachers/instructors here. Just read and read, write and write. Explore and expand.

thank you

You're welcome.^^ I have a lot of them (instructors) in my circle.

You know, it took me a long time to learn how to write the way I do. When I started at school, I didn't know how to spell anything. Then again, when I was born, the dr's said I would never be able to talk or write due to birth complications of my birth. So even though I'm not the greatest in writing, I have over come allot of things in my life that the dr. thought would be impossible.

That is so great! Keep it up. You're on the right track! haha I mean, seriously.

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I do appreciate the person that just thanked me for my story. In some ways, I can understand why this group I Hate Bad Grammar. I know some members have this group to get kicks but not necessary to put people down.

I could say I can be the same way for math. I'm a software developer and my co workers and I like to poke fun at people working at the cash register that can't do basic math. Sometimes when I watch them struggle, I feel like commenting. However, what gives me the right to comment to that person? Some people don't care about math, and some people struggle at it no matter how much they try.

Weather something having trouble with English, Math or something else, it would be more helpful if we gave people support rather than put them down. It would help make this world a little better place.

To add, if you have nothing positive to write in my post, please write somewhere else as the next person just wants to put me down because I have a learning disability I will just delete your comment as your wasting your and mine time.

Wrong. Poor writing and poor spelling _does_ deserve judgement and criticism. Such people were too lazy to pay attention and learn in school, and were too stupid to read books and notice proper writing of other people. Anyone who couldn't be bothered to learn when the opportunity was there doesn't deserve respect now.

So you have no respect for people as well have a learning learning disabilities. Are you one of those people make fun of people have a learning learning disabilities that haves trouble to learn. Cause that just pure rude.

But who knows, maybe you like making fun of those people to to get kicks with your friends and you think your better than everyone else.

You are right. Even though I am a member of this group, I try not to judge people by the way they speak or write. Some of my friends did not have the educational advantages that I did but they are still wonderful people with hearts of gold. I also have friends for whom English is not their first language. Their ability to speak and write in English far surpasses my ability to speak or write in their language, so who am I to judge?
Keep learning, writing and sharing Willy. :)

Thanks for you reply. I was not sure if anyone would reply or care. I remember this one house I use to live in, this person was going on about people not good in English so I had to speak up and tell him about my learning disability.

Also, there some people speak with me don't write at all but I'm not one of those people say you spell this wrong, you spelled that wrong, blah, blah, blah. That annoyed me when people do that with me. If I wanted help I would ask for it. As long there enough words to help me understand what the person trying to say I don't mind if it takes me longer to read. And if I speak to someone that don't read well, I help them out rather putting them down. I do that because I know what it was like when my writing skills use to be much worse.

Bear in mind, I'm still trying things to improve on my English skills. My employer is willing to pay the cost for me to work with someone to help me. The first step I'm working with a employment centre that works with people with learning disabilities to recommend me to a program to improve on my English.