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So I do very rarely use certain grammar vices and misspellings for humorous purposes among friends. However, I cannot stand the texting/instant message shortcut language that people have let invade their brains! I feel like stabbing someone in the eye every time I see someone tYpe LykE tHiS. What the hell are you doing? Why? This is completely unnecessary and annoying! And those text message commercials? Have you seen those? Where the daughter is speaking to the mom in complete "text slang." Oh I cringe everytime! Typing ttyl is not the same as actually saying it in actual conversation!
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I've had someone actually *say* lol to me in a conversation at work ... and she's older than me.

Deer, Grammer Korectors, Im Playcing this hear too spacifikally two kepe U bizy tuday.hopfiliey korectiang This immagge wolnt bee tha onely thang yu hav too wury abowt this weak???

Damn... I want to report this for bad grammar! LOL!

wtf idk lol

good. But many people have no time. that is the reason the take short cuts.<br />
What about you?????

Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I am quite busy. Are you asking me, "What about you????" What would you like to know about me?

They have no time? Most of the people who talk like that have all of the time in the world. They do nothing but text pointless things!

I have no problem with bad grammar, mine's FAR from perfect. But I do have a problem with people who don't try.

I doubt that I'll check for even a response as my comment addresses one of seveval "issues" that men aren't allowed to mention without being called "gay", but hell, I'm not even "happy". Ladies of all ages, your feelings..remind the rest of us that we are incapable of thought because we don't say "I" or "Me" one tenth as often. "Me and my kids...", "I", I, I,".

It seems you have the opinion that all women talk and express their feelings and they remind men they are incapable of thought because some men don't speak proper grammar. It is time to be a big boy and get off the "pity potty." Your negative attitude and believing you are a victim, are stories you believe about yourself and you are creating a bumpy road for yourself. You may want to take self-inventory and face the fact you are creating your own tainted view of your own reality. Presuming you will receive no response before you do not is predicting the future and you are not powerful enough to do that. All woman are not as you described as a gender who has a higher incidence of expressing their feelings and judging men of being incapable or thought because woman have better grammar than men. What a bore you are! Complaining and seeing yourself as a victim is actually very self-centered, and It keeps others from wanting to be in your company because your negativity and self pity are emotionally draining to others. There is a book by Eckhart Tolle titled, The Power Of Now which will change your life for the better. He also has videos on UTube. Try the beginners videos. This will surely change your life for the better. The best of luck to you. :)

lol@not a shortcut- preach it!

I completely agree with you. What bothers me a lot is when people type things like "omgzies" or "samzies". What also drives me absolutely insane is when people says "brutes" instead of brutal. I can even handle that but then when they actually type out brutes instead of typing brutal. IT'S THE SAME AMOUNT OF LETTERS, IT'S NOT A ******* SHORT CUT.

Take it easy! There are more important issues to focus on! Are you OCD? I suggest you find out. Life doesn't have to be as perfect as you would like it to be. Nothing is perfect; I misspell many words. I was an excellent speller at one time, but my memory has been affected by brain trauma in a car accident. Someone hit me. I had to relearn many things. Judge not, you have no idea what some people have gone through and struggled to overcome. You may have eyes, but, you are not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree, brighteyes.

'Toys R Us' is SUCH a ridiculous name - they think they are being funny by having the 'R' backwards. Please. This is not the cyrillic script.

I like to focus on what others do well. I enjoy giving honest compliments to people. It might help to focus on what people do well instead of grading and editing what people say and write. It is so nice to make someone smile instead of seeing their face turn red out of embarrassment. :)

Stores that spell their names wrong are my pet peeve, like Toys R Us. How hard could it be to spell it correctly? It is not the least bit clever or entertaining to have it wrong.

Do any of you have anything better to do with your minds? If you are all so adept at the English language, and it's usage, why not try learning a new language to keep your mind busy in a positive way. See how you feel when you try speaking or spelling the new language while in the company of natives of that language. Perhaps, some will be as critical as you've been when you make a grammatical error or make a simple mistake. Just maybe, your perspective will change for a kinder, and more understanding viewpoint. Judge not.

I have to agree with webby!!! (haven't seen the ad though...) Like on this website, I've seen quite a few interesting stories, but they way they're written... I don't even understand!!! And the amount of misspellings!!! it's just shocking!!! easiest of words spelled wrong... <br />
<br />

OMG! Shocking??? I can think of worse. Jeeze, don't get your panties in a twist!

Terrorita, I see many written mistakes on your comment. A case of calling the kettle black?...Check The Little Brown Book, I received my copy in a college class, English 101..