Stupid College People

First, I agree with MimiCatastrophe, whatever she said about talking in SMS language. Sometimes when there's not much space in the text, I do use "4" instead of "for" or ttyl in the end. When the text is short, I even use the articles, this way it's pleasant to read. Besides, I'm not a teenager anymore. Teenagers think they're all cool and everything and maybe they are... among themselves. Go out in the real world and see you're a total laughing stock or just one sorry stock.

Unfortunately, college kids aren't any better. I noticed that I myself have a better grammar than native kids and came from Europe 5 years ago. Seriously. What are they teaching in high-schools? Are they teaching anything at all? College isn't a place for bad grammar and yet, every other person can't write! I'm shocked and still am, every time I encounter "aggrevated" or "definately". My brains start to melt and I just want to slap that person on their face.

Yeah, Word documents that can be spell-checked don't do us any good because we rely too much on that and don't even try to care for our own knowledge of grammar. Whatever, I'll just type and the computer will fix it for me. Well, grow up and realize that in the real world, especially outside of U.S. where people are MUCH more educated (simple brutal fact), bad grammar is "gonna" get you in much trouble!

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Why does age turn everyone so bitter? The fact that you referred to something as "SMS Language" just shows how out of touch you are. Why does it even bother you what anyone else does get over it

I am personally a teenager and I take slight insult at your opening paragraph, as well as the idea of the entire story. One of my brothers is in College, and he only uses the computer for research and gaming. If I mentioned Microsoft Word to him, he wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about! If this story applied to the entire teenage/college age population, well, the earth would one day be ruled by a couple of imbeciles.

You may be right.

I believe it sometimes comes down to the lowest common denominator of, not caring! People just don't care they are in their own little world and other people just don't matter. I asked our kids why they spell that way and it was because everyone else does it and it takes too long to type it all out and spelling doesn't matter. WHAT arg . . . . I wanted to explode.

Spell checks help me learn the correct way to spell, in this english language of downrite confusingly spelt words.

I agree completely. I just came out my english class and I was called "mean" because I commented on a sentence that had no grammatical merit what so ever. I told them "it's not mean, it's called use proper english when attempting to write a thesis, if that could have even been called a thesis". XD

Hate seeing the word "prolly" instead of "probably." Shoot me!

I noticed the same thing when i was an exchange student! I scored a lot better points in english class than the native ones! I think it's ok(ish) to use short language in IM, MSN,SMS and such, but when posting something on a website like this for example, or a blog, letter and especially school reports you should use proper language! Like you said it's more pleasurable and easy to read. <br />
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People usin abbreviations etc all the time just give me a headache :D And I'm very self-respecting and just won't bother with people like that, 'cause I think it's wasting my time :)<br />
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My biggest pet peeve used to 'wiht' and when people put 'i' instead of 'y' in words... just can't think what that word was now...