The way that people my age are writing these days reminds me of George Orwell's 1984 (with newspeak). I hate it when I'm on instant messenger, and sum1 starts takin lik dis, ppl! I mean, give me a break. I know the person on the other end isn't so busy that they don't have time to type three extra letters! No one is that busy, in fact! Oh and by the way, "lol" is one of my least favorite, especially since most people don't even really laugh out loud when they write this. I also don't like it when PeOPle TaLK liKe tHis... what the hell is that anyway? ... I can't even guess. I can see if you don't quite know all the capital letters and all the lower case letters, and you're writing on paper. But on a computer... when you..ugh, you get my point. Hehe, sorry, I'm very passionate about my languages.
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I actually read something recently about how internet slang has made communication more complex.

Who knows a good principle as to where to drop an e in a word and where not to? Cuz i just cant get into a rythmn of correct spelling with that darn eeee .

To EPErica and Chula: I agree with both of you! Chula, your comment was hilarious. The odd random capitalizations in a word baffle me too. It seems like so much extra (and unnecessary) effort!

I laughed all the way through your story. And btw [by the way] when I say "lol", I really am laughing out loud. [Winks]

I almost never laugh out loud when I use lol, but rather use it as an indicator of mirth or levity, so tone can be surmised. Emoticons don't always cut it, and sometimes just aren't appropriate, so new indicators are being developed. Thats how I see it anyway. Most chatspeak misspellings bother me, though. The odd capitalization I just don't understand, so I definitely see where you are coming from.

I use it so the other person either understands I think something they said was funny, or that a remark I'm making is intended as funny - similar to using emoticons for the same. It's so difficult to clearly convey humor in texts.

How about updateing the emmicons here on ep. They are such an ugily bunch of loosers.