A Poor Night's Sleep

One of my pet peeves is companies and businesses that make major grammatical errors.  Have you noticed how few TV commercials use grammar correctly? 

There is a chain of motels that post notices with consistent grammatical errors.  When I am forced to use one of them, it means that I usually sleep poorly.  I have written company executives several letters, all to no avail...Anselmo


Anselmo007 Anselmo007
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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

Oh, tell me about it.<br />
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I am an EFL teacher in Indonesia and I usually encourage people to go on speaking and not to worry about making mistakes. But whenever I see a commercial or (this is my biggest pet peeve) a celebrity butchers the English language, I'll go nuts, "Just use Bahasa Indonesia OK.? You're making a fool of yourself!"<br />
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I mean they are established individual and company. Shouldn't they think about appearing professional and legitimate?