Im C00l Because I Type Lik Diz And Stuff

I mean really?

Poor grammar is one thing if you're not aware that you're using poor grammar, but when you know it's poor grammar but continue to use it...that's a different story.

Poor grammar in writing is also a pet peeve of mine. Using your instead of you're; to instead of too; just a few examples.

Also people who typ3 lik thiz makes me want 2 punch dem in da face.

Really now? You how much time are you going to save by typing "2" instead of "to."

I don't understand why people do it? To save time? It can't save THAT much time, plus nowadays almost every job requires SOME computer skills and if you're going to use poor grammar and spelling, then you might as well just....I dont' know, not go to work?

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Lol you and me both. It drives me batty!

I guess so, I mean those are all some valid points. But I just don't understand...when you're at work do you type emails like that? Do you write up reports like that?<br />
<br />
If not, then why would you do it somewhere else...even though it's less casual than work, I would think if you did it at work it would be a habit already.

I think the people who do it on purpose are trying to express something. Like, when I was in middle school I spoke too correctly and used big words just because I was into reading. I didn't try to impress anyone, but people felt offended and disliked me. So, I changed my speech and tried to sound more casual and "normal." <br />
Maybe people who do it on purpose feel similarly. They think that people will judge them to be something they don't want to be if they're "too proper."<br />
<br />
Or maybe not. I could be wrong or thinking too much into it. It's kind of a habit. But I think it could make sense.

treat your ocd and leave the rest of us alone <br />
<br />
i hate grammar nazis; they are a pet peeve of mine