"at My Earliest Convenience"

I've noticed an alarming trend on personalized work voice-mail messages, and will generally hang up on any voice mailbox that tells me "I will return your call at my earliest convenience".  That is telling me that you don't care to call me back "as soon as possible" which used to be the standard.  That is telling me that you will call me back when you damn well fell like it.!

"At your ealiest convenience" is a courteous way of asking people to call you back ASAP, but the phrase should never be perverted to "I will call you back at my earliest convenience". 

It may sound professional to you (and that's scary), but if you think about what you're saying, it's just plain rude!!

jss1490 jss1490
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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Abso-bloody-lutely!<br />
I have not heard this one (yet!) but, when I do, I will make a rude remark about it!!!