It Makes You Look Stupid

I associate bad grammer with poor intelligence. If English is your first language and you can't speak, write or type it correctly, then you can't be very bright..

MiaB MiaB
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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I agree completely.

Its spelled "GRAMMAR" there is no E in the word!<br />
<br />
What parts of the world that people have access to computers didn't have access to schools? Its does, dose is something you get in medication or an std. When someone says that they may not be book smart but they are street smart, all I hear them saying is, that they admit they aren't smart at all! Street smart, what the hell is that? You are smart enough to walk down the street and not get killed... good for you!

You're right, and reading my story now I sound really conceited. Thanks for your comment and congratulations on teaching yourself, that takes some dedication..

ok that is your opinion but some people do have medical problems that contribute to not being able to.. it dose not make any one dumb for it then there are people that didn't get the chance to have the advantage of the schooling they should have.... but it is not there fault ether lets start looking at the parents of these people.. i blame mine an i am now self teaching my self... but that dose not make me dumb ether....some may be book smart.. but others may be street smart an if there not book smart then they are still intelligent cause they will no how to survive if there was ma major crises... just think about it... we are all smart in some way ... intelligence means nothing if you cant survive a street life...