I Need To Be Accepted

i have to drive to fast food restaurant then park in a park somewhere because i'm too ashamed to let my parents see the junk i eat. all i ever hear is how fat i am so i hide proof that i eat more than what they see me eating at home.
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If you know that you have a problem, then why don`t make something about it?<br />
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I am not fat ( i just have a belly) and what is working for me is making excersice little by little 3 times per week, eating 70% salad twice a week, and i am loosing weight. Of course, this method will take time, like 1 year and a half or two years. Little increments in exercise and salad is the key. <br />
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Try it, and tell me about it.

there is nothing wrong in being fat, But you should try eating healthier. (thats kinda hypocritical because I eat a lot of junk too! =P )

Being fat is wrong, and there are several proofs of that: You will get a heart desease, you won`t look good, you won´t feel good about yourself...

Im sorry to hear that. Why do you need to eat junkfood?