A Love/hate Relationship With Parents!

im the oldest child out of three kids, gotta love mum for giving birth to me first.. Lolz but my mum and i were just not as close as i wish we were like my mum and little bro.. i did everything for her like coffee, and drinks, and food, and bed and house cleaning and that kind of stuff while the other kids were playing and having fun with mum, but when ever the other children did some thing wrong like spill the ashtray over when she wasnt looking or throwing food around the house, or even swear at eachother, i would cop the blame.. And the punishments... It sucked but i had to deal with it as i was the oldest... And its always sucked.
To this day i still get that whole saying 'ur the oldest, u do it' even if i dont want to do it, i still have to do it... I love my mum but she is a pain to my bum... Lolz.. But mum is mum and no-one loves her and hates her the same.
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i love my mum but she has done somethings that even i cant forgive her for... She locked me out of hher house one night caws i wouldnt eat her peas, so she said i didnt want her peas. I didnt want her clothes, i didnt want her bed she got me, and i didnt want the house she was providing so i could get out of her house and go somewhere she wasnt providing for.. Which was outside with my dog... I admit i shouldnt say i hate her, but i dont feel like i should always tell her i love her either... Does that make sence???

That is common problem with all eldest child. <br />
You not hate your mom, I don't like words "hate" especially if you used it in same sentences with your loved ones. Our loved ones, either, our parents, siblings, friend, or bf/gf can be annoying and overbearing, but dmit it, we love them anyway, just like them love you :)