Bad Parenting Doesn't Really Exist

I have learned online that if you don't meet someone's standards of parenting, you are a bad parent. Heck people will even toss the word "child abuse" around just because you spanked your kids or took them to McDonalds or took away computer privileges. Child abuse has also become a term for when they don't agree with your parenting choices.

Making mistakes can make you one

Letting your kids stay up can make you one

Making your kids go to bed can make you one

Letting your kids have cake and ice cream for breakfast can make you one

Letting them watch TV can make you one

Not ever letting them watch TV can make you one

Letting your six year old play a shooting game on the PS3 can make you one

Not letting them play such a game can make you one

Spanking your kids can make you one

Not spanking your kids can make you one

Letting your kid have a candy bar at the store can make you one

Not letting your kid have a candy bar can make you one

Letting you kids watch any TV shows and rated R movies can make you one

Not letting your kids watch everything on TV and not watching any movie that is out there can make you one too

Asking for help can make you one

Not asking for help can make you one

Your kid throwing a tantrum in the store because you refuse to let them get something they want can make you one

and the list goes on

So you see, anything you do can make you a bad parent according to someone. My mom used to say "If they think I am a bad mother, I don't care." She didn't let other peoples opinions get her down about being a parent and I think she was a good mother. We all have our own opinions about what makes someone a bad parent. There is also Murphy's Law in being a parent because you can't win. Someone will always be critical about something you do or what your kid does and how you handle it. Like for example, if you don't ever spank your kids, some people think that is being a bad parent. If you do spank your child, people still think that is bad parenting. You can't win.

Real child abuse and neglect is beyond bad parenting.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I think the keyword you're missing is 'balance'.

I see parents as "bad" when they A) Show that they are irresponsible and don't take the blame. B) Causing their offspring to be permanently disabled in some way (AKA beating your son until he is deaf in one ear, which my close friend is) and C) Is run by their child(ren) and not the other way around.

Yeah, my parents whipped me with a belt and broke skin but did I learn not to destroy the TV out of spite? Yes. Did I learn respect? Yes. Did I do it again? No.

My parents denied me from watching stupid cartoons past the age of seven. Did I dislike it? Ehh, not really. Did I obey? Yes. My paren- This can go on and show why the concept of 'damned if you do and don't' is pretty false. you can do both ways to cancel each other out.

Also, if you're a parent, take some damn responsibility and don't blame our videogames, guns and what other nonsense to cover up your lack of responsibility. Go on, spank your kids when they disrespect things. Just don't force them to do things they don't want like become a ballerina because you never got the chance or become a musician when they cannot play at all and you just want them to do it because you never got the chance.

I could rant on and on but yeah, that's about it.