The First

Seeing as this is the first story, I would like to use it to point out that people joining this group should not hate bad spellers, but rather bad spelling in general. If you hate bad spellers, there is already a group for that, so there is no need to join this one.
Thank you and welcome to this group.
SkepticAtLarge SkepticAtLarge
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

yes, yes, yes, lol. i agree, dont hate the person, hate the behavior. now with that said, i personally dont take issue with those who use "text speak" (as you can tell). and i tolerate grammar issues cuz i am not perfect either and in addition make spelling errors occasionally. what bothers the heck outta me are people that attempt to sound intelligent and cant spell their way out of a paper bag?! i appreciate you bringing this subject to the forefront. i will not blame this problem on the youth, i feel that is a cop-out. when the English language is mangled daily, even in such a simple way like SPELLING (we have spell-check on almost everything) it makes us look really uneducated. good for you, Skeptic, glad to hear others care.