Why does the "good for you" stuff always taste gross?

Bananas make me gag, literally. I don't know for sure what it is - probably a texture thing, they are kind of mushy... I'm not a pudding or yogurt fan either and it's DEFINITELY  the texture in that case. Anyway, I still make myself choke back a banana as often as possible.

Firstly, they are just so darn good for you! If I'm having a 'low blood sugar moment' or if I had a particulary stringent workout, a banana gets me all right again. Must be all that potassium and stuff. But here's the other thing: I am allergic to a lot of fruit - here's the list - apples, peaches and nectarines, cherries, plums. Well okay I guess that's not a LOT, but it's enough that I feel I have limited choices. I eat oranges constantly, but they are a tiny bit less "portable" than say, an apple, in the sense that you can't just bite into it and chomp it down while you are driving or something... Well anyway, I need something besides oranges to eat, and I'm NOT allergic to bananas.. They are easy to eat, they aren't messy, they go down quickly - makes them a handy snack. I just can't really stand the taste or the texture!

That's my little story about bananas. They have to be at a very precise stage of ripe - not green, but not too ripe - or else I can't force them down at all. I feel better for getting this off my chest. I just want to say that I don't hate the banana in and of itself, but it's just difficult for me personally to embrace its total banana-ness.
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Ah, yes.. the peels. I do pretty much the same as you, ML - I can't have them in a garbage that is near to me. At work, I throw them in the lunchroom garbage, but I always ask (if there is anyone in the lunchroom) if it's okay. Others look at me strangely, as if "why wouldn't it be okay", but to me it is a disturbing smell and I don't want to inflict it on others. Yep, I'm with ya on that one.<br />
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The string.. hmm. For me it depends - if it sticks to the banana when I peel it, then it just gets eaten. If it comes off at all though, then it gets completely peeled off and chucked out. And, almost always, I can't eat the "butt end" of the banana. It's weird because I can eat the top end, but when I get down to the butt, I usually have to chuck it too. <br />
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I bought some bananas today. I am trying very hard. They will be the correct ripeness for probably ONLY tomorrow, and then they will go into the freezer in case I make banana bread one of these years. Sigh!

I feel the same way about bananas, but I'm already in too many groups to join this one, even though I'd love the banana picture you use on my page... Anyway, I dislike them but eat them because they're nutritious and quick. I even dislike the peel and won't throw it in my trash can--I take it outside, so I don't have to smell the thing all day. I wonder what *you* do about the peels. And what about the, ugh, strings???

Well, indeed, a multivitamin is just a good idea all around. It's funny, I have them in the house, I TRY to take one every morning, but it's a routine that just doesn't seem to stick with me. Every now and then I do get on the multivitamin kick though. <br />
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The thing about bananas is that I do appreciate them for the food value and ease of eating when I'm in a pinch for a snack. I eat oranges of course, and granola bars and whatever else (it only gets scarier!!). I really do try to get some good food into me every now and then along with all the other yummy (and not healthy) stuff that I eat. <br />
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There also may be some bizarre and deep- seated self-loathing thing going on here too, where I do things to myself that I hate.. but that would be another group I think!

why dont you take a multivitamin instead?

Ah, yes - I must admit I will happily eat a nice piece of banana bread. Banana flavoured drinks aren't my thing but I will have a strawberry daiquiri while you're enjoying your banana one!

I'm not really too fond of them either. I can say that they mix well. A banana daiquiri with some rum is quite good. Also, for breakfast, I like a good piece of banana bread. (I make a mean banana bread.)