These Are Some Of My Issues With Bofa Both A Consumer And Employee

so here is my story. i started working at the bank in nov of 2010. i was so excited to work with them. but i now hate it as i have had nothing but problems with them and here they are short story like

didnt take taxes out of my paycheck for 2 months and when they did they took out the wrong amounts, and they told me because i didnt make enought ???? never had an issue with other companys oh and last week the forgot again,

cancelled my medical coverage at random times without reason...

my boss would switch paid days to unpaid days for no reason.

i had purchase vacation days and they need to be "balanced" for me to use them wtf.

we get sick time but if we use it we get in trouble for it.

i have a flex spending medical account but when i go to pay for something it declines and when i ask why they say the have to send me a new debit card??? for no reason.

but my biggest issue is this... they want you to sign up for an employee checking account and i did... and was using online bill pay one day and the website was down and tried to cancel the payments i scheduled and it wouldnt let me so i called custmer service and the rep said that she couldnt cancel them and to call back and she would remove any fees on my account do to website bein down and i called back and the reps that i spoke with aswell as team leaders all said i was a liar and wouldnt remove fees. my paycheck had 5 "mandatory" overtime days that i put in and my check went from 1k to 263$ after all the fees. some company huh
sasracers sasracers
Jul 18, 2010