Help - Wells Fargo Trying To Steal Home

I am writing about Wells Fargo because I do not know where else to go. My sister has "Never" missed a payment on her home loan. She tried to work with Wells Fargo to refinance or possibly modify loan because her husband has become disabled and they need to lower monthly payment.  Wells Fargo has been giving them the run around for several months now. They have jumped thru every hoop tossed their way.

Then Wells Fargo informed them that there house was up for auction because they "felt" they would not be able to continue making the monthly payments on the house. I repeat, they have not missed a monthly payment to date.  Then, Wells Fargo says okay we will refinance at lower rate..Still no papers have been processed to sign for this refinance.  Now, again, Wells Fargo says "We Feel" that you will not be able to keep making monthly payments, so we are going to take your home and sell it.

House Payment is Current
Taxes are Current

How do we stop this blatant theft58
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Follow up all your calls with a written message and hang onto your paperwork. Make sure your re-financing request is in writing, too. Get the names of everyone you speak with.<br />
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If you continue to make timely mortgage and tax payments, I have a feeling that once they realize you have written proof that they are harassing you without cause, they will back down.