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Bank of America is the Worst! My brother was an employee of bank of america but left to join the service a few months later. 4 years later I received a bill saying he owes a balance on a safety deposit box. Really?  I explained to the representatives(in person and over the phone) that he was told the safety deposit box was free and if that has changed BOFA is entitled to inform customers of such changes.  Long story short, I had to pay fricking $465 to stinking BOFA. I hate them. I took my money and I went straight to chase. No one wanted to help me. Don't bank there... They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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BofA is not about helping people. They are trained to aggravate and screw you if they can.
Been dealing with them for 6 yrs. Ck my post, (Green vs Bank of America) God Bless