So Called Home Modification

2011, talked to about 80 people of which half no 9/10 of the people I could not understand. I was told by this great big corp. representative to skip 3 months pymnts in order to totally qualify for help. Well long story short now they won't back that up and they know they lied and they know they are screwing me but why should they care. I can't refinance b/c my credit report shows 90 days late and it is bank of americas fault! I did what I was told to do and now I have to pay for it. I am fighting it and have contacted the President (which he should NEVER have bailed out these banks) (probably won't do any good) and Washingtons Mike Padden and I am writing the CEO and President of BAC which I know won't do any good either. I feel they need to eat that three months b/c that is what they told me to do and now I am being punished for it. Just got threatening forclosure notice in the mail yesterday. this BIG FAT CORPORATION ONCE AGAIN SPITTING ON AND NOT CARING ABOUT THIS LITTLE PEE-ON AMERICAN as long as they get enough money to pay the bonuses for screwing all of us !!
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Become an activist...protest, sign and pass petitions...not enough people are doing that, that's what I do....we need to plow these fvckers down, but to do that we need millions to stand against them at the same time, stop talking start action...that is unless your already among those of us who do :)