Why Would They Act Like They Didnt Foreclose

please someone answer thi one.kinda long.my house was forclosed and bought by freddy mac in dec.2011.they offered me to rent my house and i said yes.property manage company came in and told me i had to get rid of all my stuff in yard and garage'pool,shed,spare parts.yhey sent in yard guys who cut all my bushes down and i was forced to make yard empty so they could show..came in and did several small repairs so the house was showable..realtor showed the house to several people..any water bill or taxes were sent to property management company,and i paid them rent each month which they sent to freddie mac.another words i didnt own house and when they sold i had to move..well dec.2012 property management company sends back rent and says i no longer have a lease with them and to contact realastate agent who was trying to sell house...he says to call bank of america who sold freddie mac my mortgage...well bank of america asks me what i plan on doing with my house.acting like the forclosure that went down last year never happened.im getting mortgage statement and they are saying they will forclose in 3 months if i dont catch up..or i should do a short sale..i paid rent for a year to freddie mac when they didnt even own my house.its so wierd.they are acting like my forclosure last year didnt happen..any advice on what i should do
kymkym09 kymkym09
Jan 10, 2013