Boa Screwed My Son

My 20 year-old son has a Bank of America account. While studying in France, his debit card was stolen. He called B of A, had the card cancelled, and told them he was stranded without cash in France. Their "customer service" representative told him a new card would arrive in 5 - 7 business days. When he told me that (I'm in New Jersey) I told him to call them back and have them Federal Express a new card to him. They said they would charge him for the FedEx charge. My bank (Chase) doesn't do that but what could he do?

Then -- (drum roll please) -- these numb nuts FedEx the new card to New Jersey. Not France, where my 20 year-old is. When I called them, they wouldn't talk to me, his mother, who knows his social security number, and who also has a Bank of America credit card.

My card, which I use A LOT, is going in a drawer, since it's bad for my credit rating actually to cancel it.
MoiraOC MoiraOC
Jan 12, 2013