Don't Call To Reduce Credit Card Interest Rates

We called today to see if the 17% percent we're paying on a couple of credit card balances could be lowered.  We've been customers for 20 years and have never been late on a payment.  We explained that our business is going through some tough times and we need lower interest rates and payments.  The "hardship specialist" we were transferred to said she needed more detailed info and we volunteered this.  She then said, "Based on the information you've provided, 17% is the lowest rate available, however we will have to lower your credit limits on all your accounts under the circumstances."

Bastards!  My company does $1 million in credit card processing with these guys annually---not any more!!!

abnerdoubleday abnerdoubleday
46-50, M
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I called to simply change my name on my card after I got married. I have been a good customer for 20 years with no late or missed payments on their card or any other. because of one thing my EX did, they took that opportunity to close my account all together. They admitted it was nothing that was my fault and that it wasn't fair but did it anyway. Then thanked me for being a "valued customer" for 20 years. They are pathetic.