Why I absolutely loathe my poxy Bank

I deposited an overseas cheque and was told it would take 28 days to clear. OUTRAGEOUS. So when I think the time is up I travel the 62km to the bank to be told that the cheque would clear overnight and that the bank would send me a text confirming this......well the text never came so again I travel 62km to the bank and demand to see the manager.... what a bleep bleep waste of time that was as she then said but your cheque takes 28 days to clear and that isn't till 30 may!! So I tell her that she should train her staff better and that  now I want to close my account but unfortunately thats where more troubles would begin. Mind you I still have the option of contacting the banking ombudsman to lay a complaint. I mean it takes but a few minutes for the poxy bank to make a phonecall to the bank that issued the cheque to have it cleared....not only that but the bank that issued the cheque is a sister bank of the one that I bank with!!!!
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May 30, 2012