We All Have To Do This !

Guys i found this and this will work, i hate banks too and they truly are the embodiment of every evil on this planet, anyone in their right mind should hate them and this explains the reasons to hate them. If you love America, then for Christs sake, everyone who finds this, copy it and paste it onto an email and send it to everyone on your list. Lets finish these bastards once and for all. If everyone does their part and gets this out there, it will work.

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We have reached a point in the history of our Great Nation, where the American people have had enough of the collusion between America's banking system and the politicians whom they have put into power.  The purpose of this has been the enslavement of our entire population for the purpose of satisfying the greed and lust for power of a few families who own and control our banking system.  This has resulted in the current economic crisis, which has managed to permanently kill off the last remaining prosperity which still existed in this country, with no hope of it ever being restored.   The Bank and corporate bailouts being practiced by both our Republican and Democratic parties, have been totally ineffective in restoring the current economic system, only leaving more money and power in the hands of the banks, who engineered this crisis in the first place, at the taxpayer's expense.  These will leave the next generation with a mountain of debt and taxation that they will never overcome, thereby forcing them into giving up our Constitution and any and all political and economic freedom in order to be able to eat.   At this point the United States of America will cease to exist, and become like every other miserable place on this planet where this has already happened.  This is of course the ultimate objective of the current economic system, which can only result in absolute power for the banks and the politicians they manipulate into supporting them, at the expense of the freedom and prosperity of everyone else.

America's coffin is in the process of being nailed shut, it's population is livid with rage over what's being done to them, and feel helpless to do anything about it.  At this point many are cutting into their food budgets to buy up every firearm and round of ammunition as fast as it can be manufactured, and before the current "Political Regime" can outlaw same, in order to give them the capability to resist what they deem to be inevitable. 

The first problem is that although it seems a massive proportion of the population, are doing the one thing they can as individuals in order to try and secure their continued political freedom, with the only means still available.  Short of actually using that means, nothing is currently being done to try and organize the population to act collectively for their own economic benefit, and eliminate the root cause of both our current economic disaster and the threat to our political freedoms, which are one and the same.  The second problem is, that although the majority of the population seems aware of a very real and substantial threat to our continued freedom and existence, most are still substantially unaware of the exact nature and source of the threat.  Through manipulation of our media and political system, the culprits have made sure they would remain unaware of this, and few are actually willing to take the time and effort in order to study the matter, and determine the cause and possible solutions on their own.  If they did, they would all reach the same conclusions, which are shared by those of us who have, and which I will be outlining here.  When the will to act is there, it still takes one person, in order to propose a means of action in order to get things started, and that is the purpose of this endeavor.  Whether it will be effective or not in eliminating the threat and the problem, will all depend on how effectively those receiving this information distribute it among others.  If this is sufficient, then on whether or not all in receipt of it will act collectively in order to accomplish the solution, so it is up to all of you to do something about it.

I will attempt to give those reading this some of my thoughts, which are shared by a great many who's concerns are the freedom and prosperity of the American people.  I will try to present them in terms that should be simple enough for most people to understand, and I will propose some solutions which anyone and everyone can act upon, which in my estimation have a very good chance of re-establishing and permanently securing, great freedom and prosperity for every generation to come, just as was the wish of this nations founding fathers.

If you love the United States of America, and wish to maintain the principles of individual freedom and justice on which it is established, then you owe it to yourself and everyone else in America to take the time to read this, and give it some long and careful thought.  If after having done so, you find that you agree, then you must act on it, not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit and survival of the entire nation.  To act will entail a very small amount of risk on the part of each individual doing so, but nothing compared to those taken by the great men who fought and died to establish the freedom we have enjoyed in this country for the past couple of hundred years, nor those who have fought and died to maintain it ever since.  If you don’t agree with the solutions I'm proposing and see alternate ones that you think might work, then propose them as I am doing here, but if you love America, and if you Love freedom, then do something !.  If you don’t, then you cannot love America and you don’t belong here, as the situation has gone way beyond where it can be simply left alone in the hope that it will resolve itself on it's own, and every thinking person in America knows this as well.


I think what we need to understand here, is that money, whether gold, silver, paper or credit, is not real. It is a simple means of exchange, which is attributed value and allows a diverse range of people to trade with each other for their mutual benefit. What is also being forgotten, is that America’s first money had no intrinsic value, was not even an officially sanctioned form or currency.  It was simply script, printed by the colonial governments at the time, and distributed among and for the benefit of the people in order to allow them to trade with each other. The money was free, and produced on behalf of and by the people themselves for their mutual benefit. The end result of this was that the 13 colonies had the highest standard of living of any place in the world, and many times that of the mother country, for the simple reason that enough was put into circulation to pay for everything that the people could produce. Then when the British Banks found out about this, got King George to outlaw the colonial script, and replace it with the British Pound, this changed to 75 % unemployment overnight. This is something they’ve managed to keep out of most of the common history books, but anyone even vaguely familiar with American history is aware of this, and it was this, and not a tax on tea which was the primary cause of the American Revolution as well.  This is as it should be, as currency in any form is a public asset, which is used by and benefits the entire population.  To put any form of control over this currency into anything but public hands is a recipe for disaster, and keeping it in public hands is the only possible way to ensure a free economy and maintain a truly free enterprise system, as this is the only possible way to prevent the currency from buying power.  Power and freedom are opposites and cannot exist in the same space, one will always exist at the expense of the other, and in order to establish one the other must always be eliminated.

To break this down into simple terms, today’s economy in America and the rest of the world exists to serve the interests of the banks. They have been given control of our currency and credit by corrupt politicians from both major parties, have managed to assassinate the two presidents we have had who would have taken away their power to control same (no proof of this that would stand up in court obviously, but its a simple thing to figure out who stood to gain from their assassinations). Then through party manipulation and media control, they prevented the single and only candidate in the last presidential election, Dr. Ron Paul, who was not owing his political career to them, from having any chance at all in the election.  The media control was to the extent where the majority of the population were not even aware he was running, and I expect that this is the first time that many receiving this have even heard of him.  He was coming in with more than twice the popular support of any of the other candidates in the initial straw poles, and would have won the presidential election with a landslide if his party had given him a chance to run.  The Republican party was well aware of this, but they were told by the banks that they were going to throw the election rather than let him run and they did just that .  He was what the people wanted instead of the bad choices they were given by the banks, but the banks didn’t let us have him.

Since the banks exist as parasites, and contribute absolutely nothing of any tangible value to any of us, the only way they can maintain their existence is by establishing political power which must eventually lead to socialism as they must remove any and all freedom or any means that the people might have to get rid of them, and make them poor and dependent on the state, before they figure out that they would be better off without them and do so. The end result of our current economic system can accomplish nothing but this if its allowed to continue.

Since the greatest part of our national budget is going toward paying interest on the deficit, and since most people in this country are by now working over 3 weeks out of each month in order to pay interest on their mortgages and other credit, we have already become virtual slaves to them and once they remove our political freedom as well there will be absolutely nothing left.  As an immigrant to this country, I’ve seen this happen already where i came from, they are following the blueprint to the letter, and if something isn’t done it will happen here, and soon. When it does, America will cease to exist and become like all the other miserable places in the world, where the purpose of the individual is to serve the state (hence the banks), instead of the state existing (at least in theory) to serve the individuals comprising it.

The bottom line is that interest in private hands is a terribly insidious thing and can only accomplish one thing as well. In order to sustain and grow an economy, you need to keep some form of currency in circulation in order to pay for what it can produce, and provide progressively more currency in order to sustain the growth of the economy as it takes place, instead of removing it incrementally in interest.  As long as banks are allowed to exist and maintain control of that currency and / or it's distribution, even if their interest rate is only 1 or 2 %, if they are allowed to keep it and cannot somehow be forced to put it back into circulation as soon as they get it, over 50 or 100 years they will have it all again, and then were right back to the same problem we have now.  This is so simple and obvious that any six year old child who would think about the matter would figure it out in an instant.  What shocks me is that the general public hasn’t done so yet.  The reason is that they just don’t think, and instead just accept and believe the politically correct bullshit established by those who are perpetrating the scam on them, thus becoming the victims of their own stupidity and ignorance.  This would actually become an even greater threat with a hard gold or silver based currency as some have been proposing. Until the last few years, the banks were at least creating large amounts of credit and putting it into circulation to replace some of what they were taking out in interest, and even though they were working toward our destruction, at least things were moving somewhat. It's when they stopped issuing credit that the current economic crisis precipitated. With gold or silver, they would just keep accumulating it a few percent every year until it was all gone which would happen even faster than under the current system, as they could no longer create new credit to replace the currency they were taking out. If they were allowed to exist, they could not be allowed to keep even the smallest portion of their profits otherwise the system would eventually have to collapse on itself again, and if this is the case there can’t be any incentive to providing a banking service.

Now, if you take the combined annual profits of America’s Banks, as compared to the national budget, and you figure in the fact that most of the people in this country who are actually producing something and contributing to the benefit and well being of their fellow citizens, are having 60 – 80 % of what they produce consumed by the banks in interest (after taxes, which again are mostly interest).  It should become obvious that without them the American people as a whole could experience prosperity far greater than any of their wildest imaginations. Further to this, simply regulating the currency in a sensible and beneficial manner in order to make sure there was always enough of it to pay for what we could produce would increase our production capacity to many times what it is today with what we already have, and produce an exponential growth in that production capacity in the years to come. Again the only possible outcome of this, is the average person would have many times more than they have today with the same amount of effort going into earning it, as we would be working to feed ourselves and not the interests of the parasites who are bleeding off the vast majority of what were producing now. I expect we would also be able to exist without taxes as well as the state should have more than enough means to finance its operations simply by putting the currency into circulation just as the banks are doing now.  Further to this, if the economic growth generated in this country simply by having enough to pay for what we can already do would be sufficiently greater than the costs of the Government's operations, which is inevitable, they would have no option but to distribute the additional currency required to pay for this economic growth among the entire population.  This could result in a situation where everyone's basic living could be paid for, above and beyond what they were able to earn, leaving everyone free to try to accomplish whatever they deemed possible, without the threat of disaster if things didn’t turn out as anticipated.  This would of course entail our elected representatives acting for the benefit of the people, instead of feeding their own personal cravings for power, but without the banks control of our political system, we would actually have the opportunity to elect those who would do this as well.  This would also be a very effective control on the size and the power of government, as anything they did, would have a direct and immediate impact on the entire population, and elicit a direct and immediate reaction from the population as well.

One of the great problems we have is that the vast majority of the population is absolutely terrified of having to think for themselves and they want to be told what to do. As a result they are simply too ignorant to realize what's being done to them or what they could have, were this not the case. Since the banks have the money which they have stolen from us, and consequently the power to control our political system and media, to tell them what to think and do, they blindly follow and obey, as sheep being led to their own slaughter.  The good thing now is that things have reached the point where even these are sensing a very real and dire threat to their freedom and continued existence, and simply need to be informed of the situation and given possible solutions on which they can act effectively for their mutual benefit.

This is also a problem which will not be solved through our democratic process, as in the case of both Lincoln and Kennedy the banks will simply assassinate any president or politician we elect who would pose a threat to their power and the continued enslavement of the American population. If this is going to happen, short of the solution I'm proposing here, it will take a second American Revolution as the banks and their control of our political system will have to be removed by the people by force of arms, and the threat to our freedom and prosperity will not cease to exist until each and every one of the individuals in charge of our banking system has been executed, 100 % of their assets seized by the population, and the practice of private banking outlawed for all time to come.

The single and only thing that gives me any hope for America at this point, is that the people seem to be currently preparing for exactly that. Since the last Presidential election they have been buying up every firearm and round of ammunition as fast as it can be produced, before the current government can pass laws eliminating their ability to do so. Since they inevitably must try to remove any and all political freedom in order to enforce the continued denial of our economic freedom, this does increase our chances of success against them when they do so as well. The problem will be that if it does come to the people going to war to defend their political freedom, will enough of them realize the source of the threat they are defending against and do something about that to prevent it from becoming a threat again ?. If they come to realize that it’s not so much Bush or Obama, but the people who put them in power and dictate their actions that are the threat then they will have a chance.

Further to this, America's banks are well aware of the hatred that has been generated toward them, first by their own actions in creating the current economic disaster, and by our past and current President, who's actions in taxing the population in order to bail them out of a supposed problem they created for themselves and us, can indicate nothing but complete and total complicity with them, at the expense of the American people.    The banks are living in absolute terror of the American people at this point, as is the present administration, especially in view of the fact that the population is steadily and progressively arming themselves in order to defend their freedom should things go too far.  At this point, it is still possible for we as a population to peacefully, and easily, resolve the problem, however if we don’t act now, we will not be given another chance to do so.  The banks know full well that the majority of the American population has had enough, and is ready to start exploring solutions to the problems they have created for us.  They know that if they do not succeed in removing any and all political freedom from our population along with any and all means which we may have to defend it, that it is we who will be removing them, and if it comes down to force of arms, manipulating our political process will no longer prevent that.  If we as a population do not act now, they will, and then we will be required to fight and die as the single and last hope of preserving any of the things that could possibly make our lives a worthwhile thing.  In such a case we will simply have to see who wins.  A small action and a small risk today, will avoid any of us having to take a larger action and the ultimate risk at some point in the very near future.  If you are prepared to die in defense of the United States of America, its Constitution, and the freedom it guarantees, this is a very good thing, and this makes you a very good person as well.  It is an even better thing, and you are a much wiser person, if you act now, so that it doesn’t have to come to that.

We have allowed our body as a nation to become infested by parasites, and the parasites have grown to the point where they are consuming our sustenance faster than we can produce it.  As they consume more and more, our bodies grow ever weaker and are capable of producing less and less so the end result has become inevitable.  We now have the choice or either swallowing that tablespoon of kerosene in order to kill them and dislodge them from our system, or dying a long slow and agonizing death from starvation as we are no longer capable or producing enough to feed both them and ourselves at the same time.  Now is the time to act, and if we don’t act now it will be too late.


I will propose a very simple solution to all of this, and it would be guaranteed to work, if everyone does their job in forwarding this, and if this can circulate through the majority of the American Population.  Then if enough people have the courage and wisdom to act on this, in co-operation with each other for their own benefit, this can and will work, and in very short order as well.  The solution is that we claim our own bailout, and we claim it here and now.  If enough of the people in America will stop making their mortgage and credit payments all at once, and then be prepared to defend their homes if the banks attempt to foreclose (and they simply can’t foreclose on every home in America), then the entire banking system will collapse overnight and America will be free. This would force our Government into taking control of our monetary system, and producing currency and credit for the benefit of the people instead of as a means to power for the banks. If these same people were to then stop paying taxes, this would force our Government into a position of using the distribution of said currency and credit to fund their operations, or being forced to capitulate.  We would then have the opportunity to elect representatives who would manage our currency and credit for the benefit of Americans, with that election being the first in the history of our great nation to be completely free of the influence of the banks, resulting in the prosperity i spoke of earlier and eliminating once and for all the threat to our Constitution and political freedoms as well.  While we are sending our military to fight foreign enemies halfway around the world, the American people are making monthly payments to those who will truly destroy us. Making payments to a bank can be nothing less than an Act of Treason against the United States of America, as they are the true enemies of our freedom, our country and our Constitution, and what you are paying interest on is something they have stolen from you in the first place.


On January 1st. 2010, I propose that anyone in receipt of and in agreement with this proposal, cease making all of their mortgage and credit payments for a period of 2 months.  In doing so you will sacrifice your credit rating, but then this the worst possible enemy that any person could have, and at this point very few of us have anything to lose.  The banks cannot begin foreclosure on a mortgage until the payments are at least several months behind, so you will not be putting your home at risk.  If enough people do this, the banking system will collapse and there is no possible way that Obama or anyone else would even dare propose another bailout as they know that people would simply kill them for doing so.  If it does, then this will be the time to stop paying any and all federal taxes in order to either force the current government into compliance with our wishes or capitulate and allow us to elect another that will.

If not enough people participate in this in January in order to collapse the banking system.  Then catch up on your two delinquent mortgage payments in March, while continuing to forward this email to anyone and everyone you can and asking them to do the same.  The simple fact that some people have attempted this will generate massive turmoil and publicity, as with even with a small percentage of the population doing this, it will have hurt the bastards badly.  This will encourage others to join the effort and do the same.  You will also be free of any unsecured credit you may have, and can either catch up on this or simply screen your calls, or tell them "its never going to happen" when they call to try and collect.  There is absolutely nothing they can do beyond this.

On April 1st. 2010, if the banking system still exists, then cease making all mortgage and credit payments again for a period of two months.  If the banking system still exists at the end of these two months, then catch up on your payments and allow this message to get into the hands of more people, then do it again on July 1st., again on September1st., and again if necessary on December 1st., until the threat to our freedom and prosperity exists no more. 

I think that it’s a pretty safe bet, that if even a few of us can get this started, it will grow exponentially and by the end of one year, Americas banking system will no longer exist.

If enough people get involved in this in order to collapse the banking system, then we will also have enough to gain control of our political process by ceasing to pay all taxes. Thus leaving whatever government that remains at the time no option but to begin putting currency and credit into circulation for the benefit of the population, and charging whatever interest they are going to charge in lieu of taxes.  If not, then they will have to capitulate, and allow us to elect a government that will.  Personally, I would like to see those in charge of the banking system and any and all politicians who have been complicit with them put on trial and executed for acts of treason against the United States of America. Of this they are truly guilty and this is what they deserve, but removing their power to commit further acts of treason, and outlawing any such further practices in the future will be sufficient for our purposes, at least for the time being.

I would also suggest that prior to doing this, those participating withdraw any deposits they have in any bank in cash.  This will protect your interests when the banks collapse, and will only serve to hasten that collapse as well.   FDIC may or may not be able to insure existing deposits at that point, but why take a chance and demanding the deposits in cash will only help bring about their demise even faster.

Most importantly, forward this email to everyone you possibly can, and beg and plead with them to do the same, forward it repeatedly to the same people as well.  Email, especially forwards, gets caught in spam filters, and you need to send it many times to make sure it will get through to everyone.  I normally don’t do forwards, but this is probably the most important thing that any of us will ever do, and could very well mean the difference between the destruction and survival of the single and only free country left in this world.  Anyone who objects to receiving this is an enemy of America and part of the problem, so if they get pissed at you, so what ?.  This will only work if we get a geometric progression going.  If everyone receiving and in agreement with this, will forward it to as many people as they can immediately, each of whom can also forward it to as many more, then before the target date, the vast majority of the American population will have it, and will have a chance to act on it as well.  Furthermore, there are still people in this world who are not on the internet, and don’t have access to email, as hard to imagine as that might be. If the bastards have left you enough money that you can buy some paper and printer ink, then print out hard copies of this proposal, leave them in as many places where people congregate as you can, so anyone can pick them up and read them, check and replace them if someone takes them home.  They will certainly be the topic of some interesting conversation, will certainly motivate anyone reading them to think, and will only generate more interest and publicity in order to get this effort off the ground.  Put copies in baggies with a stone and drive around some of the big new housing developments and throw them in people's driveways, its pretty much guaranteed that anyone living in these places will be in the 80 % payment bracket.  Do anything else you can think of as well, just get this out there any way you can.


Each and every person in America, and even those who do not participate in this effort will end up owning their homes free and clear, regardless of any amounts still owing on them, as there will simply be no one left to demand the mortgage payments.  If Obama tries to come up with some scheme where you would continue making your mortgage payments to him so that he could salvage the banks and put them back into power, just withhold them as you did from the banks.  They can't foreclose on the entire country at once, and if they try they will be fighting a war which they know they can't win.  For the state to issue loans and collect interest in lieu of taxes is a good thing, as they are the single and only ones who would have to put the money back into circulation to fund their operations, but for that to happen we will have to elect a government that has not been put in place by the banks.  From a moral standpoint, anything you are owing to a bank is something that has been stolen from you and the American people to begin with.  The credit you are paying on, is something that they created out of thin air and since no one earned that money you are under no moral obligation to pay them anything.  There is absolutely no reason at all to feel bad about walking away from this with a good thing.  You will use the money which is no longer going into interest, to buy more good things, this will benefit the people of this country in more ways than you can possibly imagine, so this is only a good thing for you, and for every one else as well.  Alternately, if you continue making your payments, you will be guilty of contributing toward the destruction of the single and only good place that is left in this world.  Because of you, all the good and just men and women who have given their lives in order to establish and defend it will have died for nothing.  Your children and grandchildren will curse you for having done so, and you will have a chance to watch them kill themselves, as they will have absolutely no hope of accomplishing anything in their lives that could possibly make them a worthwhile thing. This will be the only good thing they can do for themselves, as at least once they are dead, they will be free of the miserable tyrants which you have allowed to come to power.  You tell me which is right or wrong, and whatever you do, it is you and every generation to follow that will have to live with the consequences.

Even though this action will result in unprecedented turmoil.  Our economy will have been restored, simply due to the fact that the population will be putting the money which they are no longer spending on their mortgage payments into circulation, and would be booming today were it not for the 60 - 80 % of most peoples incomes which is being siphoned off in the form of mortgage and credit interest now.  An extra $ 50.00 a month would be enough to start bringing back the economy at this point, imagine what will happen when everyone has an extra $ 500.00, $ 1,000.00 or $ 2,500.00 available from what they are no longer paying to the bastards who have created this problem in the first place ?.  This will have been done independently of the banks, which will no longer exist and the stock market as well, as the people themselves will finally have real money in their own hands in order to make this happen, and will be spending it on things which have to be produced.  The source of any form of real and long term prosperity is money in the hands of the people to buy the things that they want and need.  This will have been accomplished and what happens on Wall Street will be of little consequence from that point on. 

The economy will be massively increased, and will grow exponentially in every year to come, with the single and only guarantee being, that things will simply continue to get better and better, instead of worse and worse, or somewhat better and then much worse, as it has always been throughout the course of human history.  If the current government does not figure out that they can pay for their own operations simply by creating and distributing the currency.  Provide all the essential services the population needs, and not only leave the population free from taxes, but be contributing to their prosperity through this process.  Then we will very shortly have the opportunity to elect a government that will, as we will no longer have the banks to manipulate the election process in order to prevent this from happening.

For the first time in any of our lifetimes, we will have a Government "by the people, of the people and for the people", and not "by the banks, of the banks and for the banks", just as the fathers of this great nation intended it to be.  This government will exist to serve the interests of the people and protect their freedoms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution, instead of trying to abrogate those freedoms, and suppress our prosperity and potential as a society, in order to make us more and more dependent on, and subservient to them and the banks who put them in power.  Maybe we can even get to the point where we are electing farmers, builders, engineers and businessmen, who live and work in the real world, to manage our political and economic affairs, instead of lawyers, economists, and career politicians who never have done so and are only seeking power and control over those who feed them.  If we could make political service like the military draft, where once chosen and nominated by the people a person had no choice but to serve for a specified period of time, we would have then made it extremely difficult for any person seeking any form of power to actually obtain it.  The only people who can be trusted with any form of power are those who do not want it in the first place.  This makes and awful lot of sense to me, and i hope it does to the rest of you as well.  In the words George Washington, this nations first President, the thoughts of any President going to his inauguration should be "those of a culprit going to his execution", and not thoughts of glee and anticipation over the power and control he or she will be able to inflict on the American people.

Within one year of this election, we as a population will begin to realize prosperity such as we have never dreamed possible, and this prosperity will grow exponentially and simply continue to increase as we as a population continue to create more and more if it for ourselves, as it will be we ourselves who will be creating the means to pay for this increase.  Poverty will be non-existent, and each and every person in our society will have the opportunity to realize their greatest possible potential, according to the ability and effort they put into achieving this.  Our children will bless us for the wonderful lives and future we have established for them and their own children, as opposed to cursing us for the hopelessness and misery that has been inflicted upon them through our inaction, as they have done in every other miserable country on this earth, and as they will do here if we don’t act now.

The only limitation on our prosperity as a society is what America can produce for that society’s benefit, and given the money to pay for it, America's business and industry is capable of producing an abundance beyond our wildest imaginations.


For those who wish to gain a better and more detailed understanding of economic alternatives beyond the simple basics which I've described here, it is certainly worth examining the philosophies of C. H. Douglas, as well as those of Stephen Zarlenga (look them up on the internet).  These seem to be the two main pioneers of economic freedom that the world has had to this date.  They certainly offer an abundance of solutions and proposals toward this end, which are well worth considering for anyone sharing the same interests.  What you'll also find interesting, is that any economic philosophy which is actually designed to benefit the people within that economy is also simple enough for most people to understand, and consequently simple enough to work as well.  The difference is that they were not established by your run of the mill economists, who's careers, and education involve complicating things beyond description, so that no one will understand what is actually happening or figure out what is being done to them in the process.  Douglas used the term social credit, to describe his philosophies and I hate the name, as it creates confusion, and implies an association with socialism for those unfamiliar with the subject.  In reality it is exactly the opposite, and is designed to promote the most truly free, and prosperous economy that anyone could possibly imagine, with limitless potential for prosperity for each person within that economy.  I think Douglas philosophy may be more complicated than it needs to be, but Douglas was an engineer, and not a banker, politician or economist.  He thought in practical terms, and if some variation of his economic system could be adopted and made to work, the result would be limitless prosperity for our entire population and the most productive, and truly free, enterprise system that we could possibly imagine.  Zarlenga's philosophies are somewhat similar with the same objectives, and I think easier to understand.  His web site will certainly provide a wealth of information for anyone interested in establishing an economic system that would be of benefit to everyone in that economy, as opposed to raping it in the interests of greed and power.   Certainly, these are not the only possible options which might accomplish the objective of an economy run for the benefit of its population, but they do offer a place to start and some ideas on which to expand.  No doubt there are other philosophies and theories of economic freedom out there, and I'm sure those who look into the matter in detail will find a wealth of information on them, but you do have to look as each and every one of them has been suppressed by the banks, and are only available on the internet which is the single and only thing neither they, nor anyone else, has managed to gain control of.  The one thing that they will all have in common though is that they do not involve the banks, as with them any form of long term freedom and prosperity can never exist.  Success should be determined by useful effort and ability, and not by the control and power of banks and large corporations, once this has been established, then we will be able to call America's economy "Free".  It is only by eliminating the power that it can become free as well.

Further to this, anyone that is reading and discussing this with anyone is going to run into some nitwit who believes the bullshit, which is being perpetuated by the current establishment.  He or she will tell you that economic philosophies such as this cannot work because the currency will devalue through inflation if too much money is injected into the system.  Its time to stop believing and simply start thinking and looking at what has been going on around you for the past decade or so.  Prior to the current economic crisis, the banking system was injecting unprecedented amounts of credit into the system, in an attempt to secure whatever remained of peoples incomes in interest that they were not already getting in payments, and for many they got it all as well.  The credit cost them nothing but they wanted you to work 3 1/2 weeks out of each month to pay them interest instead of two, and this is exactly what they accomplished.  As long as this was the case, prices remained stable, as the massive injection of credit still came nowhere near what our actual production capacity would have been, and could have been many times that without bringing about inflation.  Unless and until the supply of currency in the system exceeds our capacity to produce useful goods and services, inflation will not happen.  If we ever actually get to the point where the supply of currency equals our actual capacity for production, everyone from the greatest to the least of us would have already gotten rich beyond their wildest dreams, and at this point there will be no need to inject more.  Three years ago, when more and more people began finding that they were no longer able to pay, the banks began ceasing to issue new credit into the system, while still withdrawing the massive amounts of interest created by the credit they had previously issued, thereby progressively reducing and now eliminating any and all disposable currency within the system.  Prices began to rise immediately, and have risen progressively ever since, in direct response to the increasing shortage of disposable currency in the hands of the population.  The bottom line is that anyone in any kind of business has had to raise the prices they charge for the work they do for the simple reason that there is far less work coming in due to the shortage of currency for people to purchase it.  It is costing them more to survive than it did before, because every other business, is having to do the same, so everyone is charging progressively more and making progressively less.  The poor SOB working for those of us who have to raise the prices is still making the same and paying 3 times as much as he did before for the same things, and will be making nothing at all when the few people left who can still purchase the goods and services at the inflated prices can no longer do so.  That time is very fast approaching now as well. 

The idiot trying to tell you this, obviously hasn’t bought anything in the last 3 years, otherwise he would have found that a cart load of groceries that cost him $ 250, 3 years ago, is now costing him $ 500.  The electric bill is now 3 times what it was 3 years ago for the same amount of power usage.  Manufacturing and building materials have gone up 6-7 times what they were before, and have currently come down and stabilized at about 3 - 4 times their original prices, and were not even going to talk about gasoline.  All of the foregoing is pretty much typical for everything else as well.  In the interim, I think that most of our incomes have either remained the same, or more likely become a small fraction of what they were before so we all have been getting hit from both ends here.  Again the single and only purpose of this is to bring down the American population and make them poor and dependent on those who would wish to establish power over us so that they can force us into giving up any and all remaining freedoms, and our means to defend them as well.  This is what power does and what it accomplishes, and things can and will only get worse until we eliminate the power and restore freedom in its place.  You know this, and I know this, and we've seen it happen right in front of our eyes, and it has happening to you and me and to everyone else as  we speak.  You will never convince someone who's intent on believing the bullshit being perpetuated by the current system of this though.  They have faith, and they only believe, and are unwilling to think, watch, question and learn.  If true freedom and prosperity are to ever be established, and secured for our population, it will be because of us that do and in spite of them, and they will also be among those who benefit from our efforts, whether they are deserving of this or not.

What's really funny about this, is that when we are successful, the former banks will be regretting not having allowed Ron Paul to win the last Presidential election by the landslide he would have gotten if they had not prevented this from happening.  Although he is a good man and has come out on the right side of freedom on every issue, he was advocating a return to a gold based currency as a partial solution, in order to eliminate at least some of the power of the banks to manipulate our currency and economy for their own interests.  This would have at least left them something with which they could try again, but as things will be now they will have nothing left at all, and we will finish them for good.  Since every other country in the world is entirely dependent on the American economy, as it is the only one who's population has actually had the ability to purchase anything until recently, and all other business in the world exists for the purpose of exporting to America.  The rest of the world will have to follow suit or be left behind, and this will truly be an end on a global scale, to the few people and families who have been responsible for the vast majority of human suffering and misery that has taken place over the course of he past 1,000 years or so.  The entire world will then be a part of the new ten thousand year empire of peace, freedom and prosperity which America has established, which, barring anyone being foolish enough to believe the lies perpetrated by the former empire, will endure for all time to come.

Money is not real, and like a child's toy, it can be created and managed in any manner that will best serve our interests.  As such, it should be the least of our worries, and it is only its control and manipulation by private interests for the sake of establishing power for themselves that makes it the greatest.  This is the single and only thing that has deprived the world's population of the enjoyment and accomplishment they could have had in their lives throughout the course of human history.  Once they are gone, money will be the least of our worries, and then we will have the freedom to put all of our efforts into accomplishing useful and productive things, which will be of benefit to our country and our fellow man, instead of having our efforts wasted and our lives destroyed because of it.  This is as and how it should be, and the only way it can be, once this is accomplished.  It takes many years of education in order to teach someone how to complicate this simple thing to the extent where they can make this simple thing appear impossible, and this represents the greatest lie ever perpetrated on humanity.  This is the simple and obvious truth, and even the simplest among us, who will think and question, instead of trust and believe, can figure this out for themselves.

With best regards and best wishes to all, in the hope and prayer that America and its freedom and prosperity may yet survive, and if you act, it will, so its all up to you.

From a Fellow American who loves his country

bromac bromac
46-50, M
Oct 19, 2009