I Hate To Hate But...

I hate Wells Fargo. They overdrew my account with a service charge and are charging me $5.00 a day at this very moment. I want to close the account but I cannot until I pay the ransom. It will cost more and more each day and I cannot stop the hemorrhage, I have no job right now.  Then some banker dude, he will buy a $40.00 hamburger with the money I pay in. &#%@ Wells Fargo.


There, I vented.

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Thanks for this insight into the conditions at some firms, I can see how the chain of command is disrupted by investors' managers, etc., in a lot of fields.<br />
I see a blah attitude of a lot of young people, they see no pint in all of this, working for someone else to make them rich, while getting very little but a lot of travel time, haha.<br />
Localization will cut out the middle man, things will be cheaper. Instead of paying shipping costs for production tomatoes, we'll be getting them from nearby. I like Farmer's Martkets, and local grpcers way more than corporate food.<br />
As for banks, their image is tarnished forever. They're not strongholds for our wealth, they are strongarm thieves who wrestle every dollar from you for nearly non-existent services.<br />
Not serving its customers, as customers, but commodities, 'Serving a different manager', so to speak.

> wait for the whole system to crash...because <br />
> soon, your dollars will be toilet paper<br />
<br />
I may not agree with some of what is being said here, but I share the fear of systemic collapse. Global capital has divorced from common sense, and is running in a self-destructing fit of bureaucracy. I work at one of these large global financial firms. In most of what we do, we don't serve the interests of our customers, we don't even serve the interests of the firm. Rather, we try to please some distant managers who have no direct exposure to local conditions. The mindless bureaucracy is such that these firms fail to make the profits they are supposed to, judging by the way they treat customers.<br />
<br />
I'm also becoming a protectionist. At the root of all this evil, I see western societies where hardly anyone is engaged in productive activity any more. When everyone is a salesman or a lawyer, the rules of physics don;t apply any more. When everything can be said without impunity, a generation grows up who is less rooted in reality. But all this can be reversed. Western countries may start producing again everything they consume. Products will be more expensive, but jobs will return. People will participate in society not just as mere consumers, but also as producers.

Absolutely, Nyxlilly, thinking locally could help put a nix on globalization. I have not credit either, nor any debt, I do not own a car. I was just keeping the bank account for chashing checks, but as you pointed out there are other ways to do that as well. I have not bought anything that is not needed for a long time. I have an EP post about that somewhere, about not buying stupid hair barrettes and junk like fancy pens and plastic stuff made by corps in mass production, all the fancy soaps and cleaners and stupid fashion clothes, it only supports them when we do buy this junk, as you pointed out so well.<br />
If people still do not believe globalization is bad for the world, they will, when the hammer comes down and no one has any 'money' but 'them'.<br />
We do need to be able support ourselves, what will we do when the grocery store is empty? This crisis will be the one with which they will lock us down, the economic crisis, not terrorism. When they shut us off, we better be ready to take care of ourselves, or, work for the 'man'.<br />
The transcontinental highway is almost ready, one of the last steps before globalization is finalized with the formation of the NAU, Canada has already been shut down in one way, Parliament. <br />
Hidden factions of corporations and government in Mexico, Canada, and the US have already made their deals. They're ready to enslave us.<br />
The economic crisis is here, and we just go on about our lives, struggling along, with no thought for tomorrow. Tomorrow brings: The Amero.<br />
This will toll the bell for the loss of the Constitution in the US, when the NAU becomes a a three state nation of law, not rights.<br />
And all this stems from the power of banks over our money, and the distribution of wealth. Credit is a sham, loans are a sham, swap loans are a sham, it's all gone haywire.<br />
Real wealth should be from your work, not the work of others.

It's great to be in the majority, isn't it?<br />
<br />
Not.<br />
<br />
While they dream of gold, we dream of bread, they dream of higher towers, we dream of earth.

Obama did some things to help alleviate our suffering caused by banks. I guess that's why the rich hate him so much! Most rich Americans got that way off insurance and banking. I even think AIG and citibank bankrolled 9/11. Someone had to be paying for the buildings to be wired etc. Or do we think the demolition company did it on good faith? hah. fat chance. <br />
The manufacture and distribution of paper shredders went up that year, and computers are now routinely destroyed after use. Wonder why? Records?<br />
The desire for money is the root of all evil. And the root is growing out of banks. "It's a Wonderful Life" was just a movie to get you to trust banks, not about a family and their struggles. It was about the <i>bank's</i> struggle to keep the people's trust when their money was gone.<br />
We're in for a stock market crash, and a real depression. We haven't hit bottom yet, according to most investor advisors.

The price is too high.<br />
We'd be a different society without all their hoarding and gouging.

I guess they've owned them all along! We were just unaware.

I am with wells fargo, but not for much longer - they screwed us over big time at new year - and I am sure what they did was borderline legal, leaving us with $400 in charges. Thank the gods for tax rebate day, but once we've been in credit for a month, I'm opening at a different bank - fargo are among the highest chargers, it seems, in this part of Texas. <br />
<br />
Seems the robbers have stopped breaking into banks, they now own them.

I do not know the balance, this also happened a few weeks ago, two DAYS before Christmas! They took all my money, my cash, that was for my grandkids' presents, they took it all, because I also put an extra 20i in there to keep them from doing it again, but they ate it up, and did it again, so now, I have half a mind to never go there, never pay them, wait for the whole system to crash...because soon, your dollars will be toilet paper, when Ameros come to replace them in the NAU takeover.<br />
I rarely swear but, again I say, &^#* Wells Fargo!

Surely there is legislation outlawing usurious behaviour such as this? If it was the bank itself that put your account into overdraft through a service charge, you should not be responsible for anything more than the service charge amount.<br />
<br />
KaliKal's advice regarding credit unions is excellent advice. I pay no charges at all for my credit society account; they are happy to have my money to reinvest, content with the modest profits they are able to make this way. And I am not a *customer* of the credit union, I am a "member" which entitles me to a say in the way the society is managed. <br />
<br />
With so many US banks and their dodgy practices having recently brought the world to the brink of economic collapse -and then being bailed out by their governments to make sure rich investors are not out of pocket- it is time these exceses were reined in.<br />
<br />
If nothing can be done through legislation, we consumers need to take a stand, boycott these institutions, refuse to pay their overdraft fees, open accounts with credit unions -even keep our cash in our mattresses- anything to drown these fat cats in their own debts.

FYI.. As an Ex Wells employee... Only certain states do that.. AKA Cali.. Id... NV.. to name a few.. I know WA. TX.. and a few other states do not have that practice. BOA does the same thing.. US Bank does too.. If you can get to a credit union with no fees, that is your best bet.. YOUR FRIENDLY PERSONAL BANKER.. :)

I hate to hate but...<br />
...I hate Wells Fargo!