Danger - Parasites.

In the early 70's I worked in a small branch of a small bank, the Clydesdale, in northern England. There were about 6 staff - a manager, an accountant, a couple of cashiers, a couple of others. If you had a problem with your account, you could get to discuss it with the manager, who would help you through any hiccups in your finances by using his own knowledge of A) that customer and their needs, and B) what the head office would accept him doing. (simplistic summary, I know).

We didn't try to push credit cards, insurance, mortgages, etc etc on our customers, it'd have pissed them off.

But what happens when I talk to a wells farago banker about an upcoming problem in 2010?  Get a credit card from us!  Get such and such from us! 

Why not just give me a short term overdraft for gods' sakes? And why can't I talk to someone who can DO something to really help?  There doesn't appear to be a manager over the whole branch, they are simply salespeople / troubleshooters / apologists. If the almighty computer they sit at tells them they cannot do something, then they cannot do it.

Banking staff used to get a certain amount of respect back in the 70's, now they are just CSRs for parasitic organisations.

Skraeling Skraeling
51-55, M
Feb 8, 2010