I Can't Watch the View When Walters In On

I hate how she moves her cold boney hands like a robot, so in control and having to have everyone stop and wait while she moves the air around and make her oh so elegant point complete with so much grace and .....she's grinds my last nerve man.

deelite deelite
4 Responses Sep 17, 2008

My biggest problem with Barbara walters is her hollier than thou attitude. Her ideas/opinions arent that interesting, just because she's been interviewing people for a long time doesn't mean she's as interesting as the people she interviews. She's so pretentious and annoying. Plus she hits on Elisabeth non stop.

drives me nuts, too. Happy to hear I'm not the only. I wish she would retire. It's way over due.

She moves her hands like that witch in Snow White, she is super creepy

You don't have to sugar coat it. Feel free to tell how you really feel.