Wats Rong With U's?? If I Got A Doll And I Wrecked It, That Was It No More Toys!

U should've been more gratefull!!! When i was a kid i LOVED playing with dolls...not any particular dolls just anything i could get my hands on. i didnt care for 'Barbie's' story line, i made 1 up...just as if I was living it... I WAS THE "PUPPET MASTER" I CONTROLLED EVERYTHING!!!. i used kelly dolls and barbies and dressed them up and everything. id make new clothes for them and make friends and bullies for them and just play some kinda 'scene' for them. Also i NEVER EVER damaged my dolls, its such a waste of money, i wouldnt get any other toys EVER if i wrecked even 1! in my household money spending was restricted and any toys i got i would look after and cherish. and if my grandparents bought them for me id either keep them in th cupboard or play with them, my older relatives always said somfin like: respect the grandparents(or huever bought it) then respect th doll. I wasnt even a girly girl. i was a tomboy climbing trees and riding my bike down huge hills at full pelt, but i liked acting out 'reality' with my dolls...me n me friends always admit we played with barbies
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Jul 15, 2010