Why Does She Need All This Stuff?

The poster toy for materialism ! Why does she need a freakin' hot tub on wheels? This can be yours for around US$40-50! Also, there is a series of Barbies called Happy Family. You can buy the Happy Family Volvo, Happy Family Grandma (and her kitchen). What's interesting is that some customers from Amazon.com commented that while pregnant Midge from the Barbie Happy Family has a wedding ring, other Midge dolls don't. The husband is sold separately!
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4 Responses Jun 26, 2007

That is exactly what scam artists intend to do, scam people out of their money for useless products.

Remind's me of a t **** i saw that said<br />
"I wanna be Barbie the ***** has everything"!!(LOL!)<br />
From Feflower in NZ

hahahahaha .. great rant!! so good, it made me feel a little sorry for barbie. she can't help it, she's just a hardened plastic diecast product of her culture! :D

ROFL! I never thought about the Husband thing with Barbie! He's sold seperately! Hoo- hoo! I WANT BARBIE BENIFITS!! lol.