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Today's #5 's ranking of the results for a "Barbie" search is the "Barbie Loves T.M.X. Elmo Doll" by Mattel. It's not too expensive, but I just thought I'd share that with you all. I mean, she's got ponytails and a little Elmo shirt. Hey, she's even got little Elmo. Please tell me what they are doing together.
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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

I think you're talking about "Celebrity Groupie Barbie." Her current goal is to sleep her through all the Muppets - Fozzy Bear is up next after Elmo. Waka waka!

I hate Barbie, as well. She's become a role model for too many girls, over the past five decades. All the teens and young women have to be Barbies, with their tiny bodies, their bleached blonde hair, their high-fashion skimpy clothing, and the visable top lids if their eyes, painted blue. I'm glad that I'm a real life Sid from 'Flushed Away', but of the opposite gender and with brown eyes. those real life Barbies will never make it through Cancer treatment, and they would end up going to Hell, after they die at the age of 35.