If I Didnt Work The Night Shift.....

I work the night shift and it kills my sleep, you see I live in a house with 3 pitbuls that are not properly trained... My sister and her boyfriend do not know how to train dogs and are too lazy to do it. I believe if they cared it wouldnt be an issue, but since they dont they allow the dogs to bark every time they get home.... my sister used to understand cesar millans dog whisperer stuff.... But her boyfriend just gets mad and thinks yelling words will get the dogs to tell him why they bark so much.... I am gettiing more used to the noises but the thing thats most frustrating isnt the dogs themself, its the bad ethic of the owners... two of these dogs also attack eachother so they have to switch them out and always keep them seperated.... I would just get rid of one if I didnt care like them..... currently trying to not let barking dogs make me hate.... But when sleep is lost and respect is down, its hard.. to say the least :o)
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1 Response Jan 27, 2011

You need to move out and get your own place.

haha thanks! I totally did. I bought my own home about 4 months ago, I forgot about how much I hated it there, thanks for reminding me!!! I miss them but at the same time I am very happy that I am not so stressed anymore...... Thanks for the comment!