My Journey With The Dogs

We moved into our new home in a beautiful golf community 4 years ago. It's not a terribly fancy neighborhood, but it is just beautiful! I guess what I'm trying to say is you don't have to be rich to live here. The houses are very nice and well-kept. The community has some families with children, but it is mostly middle-aged or older retired people. Now that the housing market is improving some very nice, larger houses are going up. When we looked here before building, we were impressed with how very quiet and peaceful it is here. It's a fairly long commute for both of us to our jobs, but it was well worth it to be in such a lovely neighborhood, one that we could afford! We were going to retire here.

We moved in November 2007, and it felt like paradise! The deer and wildlife came right up into our yard! Our neighbors were so sweet and friendly. It seemed like such a perfect decision for us!

Then, in January 2008, two months later, an older couple two lots over moved into a new home. There is an empty lot between us, very wooded, so we really couldn't even SEE them much less hear them. At least that's what we thought at first. They brought with them two large rescue dogs. One is a pit-bull mix, and the other is a Russian something or other, a very big dog. They built a little run for them, but they never take them walking or out for exercise. We soon discovered the dogs bark constantly! And they bark in a coordinated manner! LOL For some reason these dogs' barks resonate throughout the neighborhood, and echo. Our area is a little hilly. I don't know if that is why, but for whatever reason the barks are extremely sharp, loud and irritating to everyone!

We made friends with the couple the few weeks before they brought the dogs to their home. She told us they had some rescue dogs that were big. She seemed so kind and caring at that point that we did not think anything of it. Surely people would not bring noisy dogs to this lovely neighborhood, right? We quickly learned otherwise.

 My husband was working nights at that time, and the dogs were keeping him awake when we was trying to sleep during the day. I walked down there and explained that he needed to sleep during the day. They seemed very concerned and said they would quiet the dogs. Well, that lasted maybe 1 hour. Then it went on. So I followed the advice on a blog I saw and began calling them whenever the dogs were barking and my husband needed to sleep. It was always in the afternoons around 4:00-5:00, and it wasn't every day. I was very polite, not mean or ugly in any way. After the third phone call she told me to get earplugs and not call her number anymore.

After that, it became very bad. I am a teacher/librarian, and I loved this house because I could go out and read on the patio during the days I am off, and on weekends. Well, I have never been able to do this! It was as if they began encouraging and teasing the dogs to bark even more!

After about 6 months of this, we went to our POA. It is stated in the covenants that a resident can have two dogs, they must be fenced, and they must not bark between 10 at night and 6 in the morning. Well, these people must have read this closely, because they follow the covenants to the letter. The POA said they could not help because they were following the rules. We waited another 3-4 months. Then my husband went around to the neighbors and got a petition signed that the dogs were a nuisance. All the neighbors within hearing of the dogs signed it, and admitted they did not want to confront the people. You see, they are both in law enforcement. He presented the petition to the POA and the POA president dropped off a bark collar with the people. Then, guess what, the barking got even worse!

I have called the police and Animal Control, and they will do nothing. We are not in city limits, and Animal Control has not even come out the few times we called them. We gave up. I am ashamed to say that I have resorted to screaming at the dogs to shut-up. I sound like a fish wife. I am a librarian, for goodness sake! This behavior on my part proves that I have been driven to insanity, because I am a very quiet person. Strangely enough, when I scream at the dogs to shut up, they usually do! I think they are probably pretty smart dogs and are just crying for attention! 

At the last POA meeting in May we brought it up again. There is a new president, and he has a real interest in the neighborhood because he has some lots for sale, and one is directly behind the people's house! I made a comment that our friend ___, who lives across the street from that lot, said she was happy for the dogs barking because it would keep any prospective buyers away! She was just laughing when she told me that, because she said she likes being able to go outside in her pajamas because no on lives around her yet. Well, the PTO president must have said something to the people, because the barking decreased quite a bit for awhile.

I've been off this summer and home on most days, and it seems to me at this point the dogs only bark when the people are home! The dogs will bark at the garbage men or the meter reader, and will stop when they leave, which I consider perfectly acceptable barking behavior from a dog. They will go without barking almost all day, until the people pull into their driveway. Then the dogs bark constantly, up to an hour or two, until one or the other brings them in. It's as if they KNOW they dogs are barking and they are egging them on from their patio door! It is obvious there is no concern at all, because both cars are sitting in the driveway and the dogs are going berserk.

My husband and I are so disappointing in our neighborhood and our choice in moving here. He suggested that we just put our home up for sale and move on. He said living in an apartment would be better than living in this beautiful home and listening to those dang dogs.

This is a long story, I know. One of my friends suggested I find a support group for people who have neighbors with barking dogs, so I Googled it and this forum came up! I do feel better putting it all down.

Thank you for listening.
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Would you rather have dogs barking or pesky annoying little kids? Id rather have barking dogs. At least you had the house you wanted.

Try a firecracker some dogs hate loud noises.

I too hate barking dogs. I am tired of dog lovers putting their dogs ahead of humans. I am tired of them saying a dog "loves you unconditionally." A dog does not have the mental capacity to love as a human. What dog lovers have seen is a dogs need for constant attention. Yes, a dog shows affection, but what you see as love is its need for endless attention.
Truth be told, I really don't care, except that you force your dirty animal on everyone else.
I had a new neighbor move in next door, and shortly after he got a medium size barking dog that he kept right outside my bedroom window. It would start barking any time of the day, but especially at night and all through the night. When I politely complained, he said the dog was for "security." I asked him how is it security when it barks all the time? He had no answer.
Then, of course, he got another dog- a yapper. He had no idea how to stop his mutt from barking. The last straw was to tell me to get ear plugs!

Now we hate each other. It was HIS barking dog that started it. Almost all of you dog lovers have no idea how to teach your dogs how to behave. I don't want to hear any more " don't blame the dog, blame the owner. Well, its the dog that keeps me awake and ruins my peace. The neighbor across the street got a barking dog 2 months ago. The owner got nasty when I asked her to keep it quiet. For example, it starts barking on a nice quiet Sunday morning at sunrise and continues all day until after midnight. I like to read a good book at night, and especially on Sundays, but cannot because of this insane barking. Yes, the owner is home.

What happened to you people? We are humans-a dog is a canine. What happened to you that you turned a filthy animal into an object or worship because it needs to have attention showered on it every waking second? Are you that needy for love that your whole life revolves around an animal? My wife's friend brought her yappy dog over when we had a party last month. I was disgusted to see it jump on people, crap in our garden and listen to it yip and yap at nothing while she was here. The worse thing was to watch everyone (except me) fawn all over this beast like it was Jesus Christ. Of course it ignored the owner when she told it to stop.

I am also tired of dog lovers' attacks on non dog worshipers. "You are a hateful person, you live alone, you are a *****, etc. But they don't have any problems hating cats. The most popular reason is "because cats are lazy and evil." WHAT ? You decided to bring this animal into your life (and the neighborhood) without any plans to learn how to obedience train it. You are going to have this animal control your life for at least 10 years. You can't go anywhere without planning what to do with the "dog." (I have to walk the dog, I have to get home to the dog, I have to feed the dog, etc.)
All this so an animal will lick your face after it has licked its private parts.

Pit Bulls. All of you Pit Bull lover apologists never see a bad Pit Bull. Anything bad happens, it is never the Pit's fault-or it wasn't really a Pit Bull of course.

And your house, yards, car, furniture and clothes stink. You just don't smell it anymore.

go to a store that sells professional audio
equipment ask them to sell you two speakers actually they will be called horns then buy a cd player and make sure you have a CD that does nothing but play barking dogs. find a time when they are sleeping that you turn on your speaker and let the barking dogs go through your speaker system that is aimed at their house and let them get a taste of what it's like to hear barking dogs while they try to sleep

Oh my you moved away from the city for peace and ended up with this. My sincere sympathies. I could really identify with the reading on the patio part because I know that as soon as I walk out my front door I will be assailed twice as hard by deafening barking. It makes it very hard to get motivated to go out the front door when you know that every time this will be the first and very unpleasant experience every single time. I do hope that something is done and your not pushed out of your home. With the costs of buying and selling it may be worth buying something for them to combat the problem but if there is bad blood at this stage they probably wouldnt use it anyhow out of spite. I also used to work nights and put up with this so I feel terribly for your husband it makes its bewilderingly hard not only to get to sleep but to stay asleep. Then once you are woken up your faced with the battle of getting back to sleep with the continuing offensive racket. In my case I ended up with a baby as well so that was pretty well bye bye sleep completely lol. I never actually did it but one idea I had was recording the dogs and then blasting it as loud as the stereo would cope with at night while they were trying to sleep. However if you have innocent neighbours then they suffer too =( I got the idea from a lady who was fed up with the couple next door to her having rowdy domestics every single day. She placed a tape recorder on the fence and recorded them. When they started up she would blast the recording as loud as she could. Ironically them having to listen to what they actually sounded like worked and they cut it out. lol =)