I Hate Sil Barking Rodents

I hate my SIL's barking rodents, they are supposed to be dachshunds. I don't consider them real dogs cause they look like rats, act like rats by pooping and peeing all over my house. Sure my SIL has 'tried to work with me' but after a year I can't take anymore. This morning I came into the house to use the bathroom and her stupid dogs started barkin at me. I am so sick of it. They also bark at my kids, their friends and my husband. If MIL and SIL aren't home, the dogs do not bark, but soon as MIL and SIL get home, they start barking at everyone. So anyway this morning to finish my story, I told SIL she needs to shut them up and she 'tried' but they kept barking. So I told her it has been a little over a year, it is enough, she needs to shut them up or get rid of them. And of course she said then she will go too.....And then when MIL got home from work at 5:30ish SIL told MIL what I said and my kids over heard her tell MIL that her dogs are just scared of me. Well Hell yah they better be scared of me cause I am tired of them BARKING and MESSING all over my house. Sheesh am I wrong or what??? Would anyone else let this happen in their house? Let me know, I want to hear what you have to say. And to top it all off MIL and SIL has never trained their dogs and one 'rodent' is 3 years old and the other is almost 2. They keep making excuses that dachshunds are a stubborn breed, you can't train them....bull crap cause my son has dachshund puppy and he trains her all the time and she is just about housebroken. I think MIL & SIL are just horrible dog owners!!

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Zap collars!!