Little Miss ******* Perfect.

 That dumb ***** bebe is so fake! Eveybody thinks that she is hot but she's ugly and she looks like a bratz doll with her ******* big head and ******* trashy raccoon makeup.  She wears slutty little outfits all the time too I hate it!! Guys ******* drool over her huge *** like it's a prize but the only thing it is is HUGE! Like A ******* house. She wears fake jewelry, I can sooo tell! Look at that fake *** necklace in the picture! I bet that stone is ******* plastic or something. She is a filthy ****!

BebeH8R BebeH8R
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

You are just jealous because she is way prettier than you, you piece of trailor trash. If you've got a problem with her then talk to your fellow Bebe haters about it but please do not pollute experience project with this profanite, piece of trash story.