On Aug. 2, a clean-looking man with welts all over his body tried to hug on me & lean all over me, & I pulled back & tried to get away from him. He was a weird, sick, pervy creep. I felt gross & cleaned myself off IMMEDIATELY! 5 minutes later, I started itching & felt bites. I HATE this man for giving me this ! He deserves to die of the worst cancer for giving me this ON PURPOSE!

Later on that night, more itching & bites. That next morning, I saw MATURE bed bugs on my bed @ 11 AM. I washed ALL my bedding & put it in the dryer, still those gross, nasty things keep multiplying rapidly, even though I've been washing my bedding every week, & I ordered 10 lbs. of Food Grade DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. I re-powder my bed every day.

It seems like this stuff doesn't help. I feel dirty & less of a human. These bites feel like worse than mosquito bites, ants, wasp stings & bee stings COMBINED! What was once my comfort zone AKA my bed & my favorite place is now a place I try to avoid. I've been trying to avoid home during the day. This feels like torture & feels HOPELESS!
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I'm disabled on a fixed income & can't afford an exterminator or heat treatments.

I have actually moved away but a few weeks after my post I went to bed bath and beyond and bought a vinyl mattress cover that you can encase the mattress in, well 2 of them for $14 a piece and I used them for the mattress and the box spring then I taped over the zipper w/ duct tape. I found the outlet they were coming out of and I also taped that up, then I found bayer bed bug spray from lowes, comes in a blue and white can and I sprayed my ceiling and floors around the perimeter of my room, eventually it stopped them from crawling on me, then if I saw any on my ceiling I'd scrape them down w/ a knife and cardboard and wash them down the sink w/ hot water and bleach, by the time I moved out my room was bed bug free, it takes lots of diligence