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Spanked In Public

i am 16 and wen evr i am bad no matter wer i am even in public i get bare bottom spanked and its reely ammbaresing


sceneblondey sceneblondey 16-17, F 28 Responses Oct 12, 2009

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How often does that happen? and what do they spank with in public?

Is it your father who spanks you? It seems perverted as he gets to play with your rear.

Darlin, unless you live in a nudist colony I don't think exposing your *** is legal.

June, did you get spanked on your bare bottom even when you was in public?<br />
<br />
Even if others noticed, as I am beaten, I get caned on the bare butt only in private.

I no ur feelings. My mom rarely spanks me and my twin in public but when it is she makes sure it counts!<br />

I was spanked in public a lot. Skirt up panties showing. I'm a guy. I was forced to wear girls clothes too

I got my bare bottom spanked til I was 18 but by the time I was 15 or so I certainly didnt need it in public but if I did I got it when I got home -but at home you got it and and it didnt matter who was there it was bare bottom lean over the couch

it doesnt sound that bad. i am 14 and i have never been spanked and i wouldn't care if i was, even if it was in public

I would be interested in hear more about your spankings in public at 16 is really happening to you if you want you can contact me thanks I am sorry this is happen do you this is abuse

yo ushould be spank if you deserve it no sense in waiting till you get home

I spank my kids in public if they misbehave,& yes on the bare butt.None of them are over the age of 10

Where I live, I'm not sure if it's illegal to spank your child (I think it might be now), but I KNOW it's illegal to expose their bodies in public. The parent can be charged with sexual battery.

For all I know maybe you could really deserve to get spanked on the pants in the parking lot beside a supermarket somewhere. Somehow. But unless if maybe you live in some land that would seem to be more or less like Vietnam then I would tend to think that your parents are getting it way off.<br />
<br />
But do you undress yourself? Huh? Or else it goes extra some? So far I would tend to imagine that maybe it would go over into the ladies room for if you just put your hands on your head to make your parents undress you?<br />
<br />
And maybe you get some extra that way and if that doesn't sound like such a good idea then I would recommend OTKTanya on it. Maybe she would know something about all of this girlish business?

you are telling us that a girl at sixteen years old had her pants and underwear pulled down in public and spanked.I find that a bit hard to believe getting spanked like that at home fine but I know sixteen year girls and they would never go for that. May you did get spanked but I do not see your parents doing that in public because someone could call the police.Please tell me the time that happen and what really happened. thanks

At a 4th of july barbeque attended by family and neighbors, I was teasing my little sister. She lost it and began slapping me . (She was 11, I was15) I turned her over my knee and spanked her bikiknied bottom about six times. Mom came out of the kitchen carring a platter of burgers for the grill. She was just in time for the last 2 spanks. She put the platter down and grabbed me by the ear and over her lap I went. Down came my swim trunks and she went to town on my butt with the spatula that was to be used to grill the bugers. Iwas in tears after about 10 but she didn't stop untill I'd gotten two dozen.

when i was younger in my teens we were in the pool sister bro my sisters gf we were foolingaorund makeing noise an all dad yelled ot keep it down we keep yelling an all throwing things out of pool well i was dad was getting mad warn us i threw out ball hit his car it was soft ball but needless to say dad came down pull me out of pull pull down my swim trunks in frontof bro sis an her gf spank me till i was crying an left me there so embrassed they saw it all an saw all of me

my mother tried to spank me once when i was 14 and i beat her unconscious for trying, things were very easy going and amicable after that, it really helped me to grow up..

I was spanked in public many times. my mom spanked on the bare I was spanked in a grocery store. I had cursed and my mom reached over me lifted my dress and spanked my bare for all to<br />
see.<br />
<br />
I was also spanked at the age of 23 I was visitong my mom and I was mouthy towards her and she took charge and spanked me with a hair brush.<br />
<br />
So you see you are never to old. My moms quote was (If you act like a child then you was treated as one).

I was never spanked in public my parents didn't believe in spankings, I was sent to my room.

I am new to here,and have some interesting spankign stories i could share!!! message me! and add me as a friend!!!

The spanking it self is not child abuse if it is done the right way for the right reason. by the right way I mean not done in anger but with love and just reasons and should be done in private

spanking=child abuse=illegal!

Linseyteen, I would like to chat to you, please message me? And Sceneblondey, as well?

When I was your age my mom would still spank me in public. She would find a place where there wasn't anyone close, mall parking lots or highway rest areas. She would sit in the middle of the back seat of the car Iwould stand outside the car and take off all my clothes and quickly lay acrossed her lap where she used a belt on my bottom. Anybody passing by would see me. Often if we were travelling she would leave me naked for awhile.

And th at's the way it should at home and in PRIVATE NOT IN PUBLIC no matter how old you are male or female .until i moved out at i got the belt on the bare butt no matter where or who was there .i did'nt mind as much as the fact that it was done in public not private

I am 14 but I don't get spanked in public, only at home in private.<br />
<br />

Lynsey, your parents are giving you a degree of dignity, Be grateful and never take it for granted and respect rhem, for they respect you!

bad is bad yo uwill be spank no matter accept it an leaning

Arkonz, i really don't know what to say other than you HAVE to tell someone who will put a stop to this. I['s NOT your fault and telling someone will makes things better, it may not seem that way at first but really it will. I had a girlfriend who was beaten and abused by her father and i know that this is what she would say to you.

Quite right, if youre bad then you should be spanked no matter where you are or how old. I think i'd rather have been spanked in public than be dressed in what my parents put me in by way of punishment.

that is true never to old for spanking you will learn from them
raverbaby what did your parents put you in for spankings

dont matter how old you are you are never too old for a spanking let me know what public places youve been spanked in