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I have seizures  uncontrolled seizures I've never been able to go very long with out having a seizure so driving is out of the question so I am totally Dependant on others to do the simplest things i can't go shopping or to the park or the Dr with out someone taking time from their day to take me when I lived in town I would ride my bike or walk anywhere i needed to go but now we live to far away from everything and  a few years ago i slipped on ice and injured my back  wrenched my knee and my back has never gotten better as a matter of fact it is worse every year they are saying i need surgery on my knees and my back but until this year we didn't have insurance to cover the expensive surgery's and now i have a weight issue to deal with life has a way of showing us just how bad things can get awww i know I'm lucky in other ways but hell some times i just need to boo hoo and whine about the way things are its a way to vent thank God for EP it has made a difference in my life being able to get on here and spill my guts all over these pages I realize things could be so much worse i could be all alone dealing with this but I have a wonderful loving husband and other family members my daughter son-in-law and sisters but still i feel the need to whine now and then

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1 Response May 6, 2008

whine baby<br />
i have seizures because of an abusive X that beat the **** out of me on an almost daily basis<br />
I have migraines i suffer and have to keep my house darkened and i sometimes think people who have always known me as bubbly and energetic once they see how dark my home is must think im a dark soul. lol<br />
but hardly. if i dont keep my drapes drawn i awaken to a pounding nauseating migraine that last literally for days<br />
<br />
I always feel a burden if i have to ask for help but i think the truth is that most people that love you will not mind helping