I Can't Sleep

i'm not proud of the things I've done and still do...
i like to drink... and this year since i started college I've turned to Ritalin for an extra boost. and right now i can't sleep b/c i took a dose before bed. trying to finish my work. i sacrificed many weekends just to understand the material. electrical engineering is hard... especially for a girl. i'm only doing this for the better money. but most of all i'm not proud for always screaming at my mom and taking my stress and anger out on her. it's not her fault she can't always make ends meet. it's also not her fault she's addicted to sugar which makes her buy junk food. and i hate her for that b/c i, myself can't resist cravings.
ohyouknow111 ohyouknow111
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012