And I'm Sorry

I'm afraid my partner will one day leave me because I am inclined to feelings of jealousy.
I can't tell her what's on my mind: have you realized that I am not good enough for you? Are you bored of me, yet? Will my monstrous side scare you away? Do you still love me like you did yesterday?

We are so different, so I worry that one day you will fall for that friend that you have so much in common with.
You are far away from me, so I fear I'll be replaced by someone else, eventually.
Whenever we talk and I run out of things to say, it makes me nervous. I want to make you laugh and smile all the time, but I can't.

When you talk about what a great time you've had with so and so, and I can hear the smile as you tell me about it - I can't help but feel like a failure, and it makes me jealous.

I am not an interesting person. I am reckless and insecure.

I fear that you will realize this one day, and leave me for someone who makes you happier.
KittyxGummyBear KittyxGummyBear
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

i have the same problem, i am so scared even tho i know she will not leave me .