NICE Guys Suck .....

IN the eyes of women. Women like hot, sexy guys who are mostly macho and complete jerks. All through out middle school and highschool I would ask girls out and try to be polite and they would always turn me down. When I did reel in dates I would bring them small gifts and roses to this one girl I loved when it wasn't even Valentine's Day... you know just trying to be nice. Well, finally my junior year of highschool I learned my lesson and realized I was being too nice a friend of mine helped point it out to me. Even though I am good looking that's not an attractive enough quality, you also have to be flirty and play " hard ball" and my senior year I had a beautiful girl to go with me to prom...LUCKY ME and showered her with gifts because she is so hot I wanted her to be my girlfriend and lucky me she likes a sensitive guy and is still with me and she is pregnant now, but we are in a serious relationship and I am older. And now it seems more common that ladies' like nice guys and don't want to keep their hands off me now that I actually have a women I am content enough with to be my fiancee' and hopefully sometime soon, my wife.
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I hate jerks. Believe it or not. I like a guy who can make me laugh,cry,and smile.

You're not a woman though.

No, it's something they say to make themselves look better rather than as the ho's they really are.

No. Some girls want nice guys.

You are right. And to make matters worse, when you talk to them, they say that they want the nice guy, but I think it is frankly, just something they say to make nice guys, like myself feel better.

Those girls are *******.

Sometimes. Who wants to hurt someone else's feelings? Other times it's true. We want nice guys...but we want attractive ones too.

Not that hard to figure out.

You said it, you are good looking. The fact of the matter is that women today don't want nice guys as boyfriends or husbands. They only want them as friends. What women look for in guys:<br />
1. hot face<br />
2. hot body<br />
3. big ****<br />
4. that they are jerks<br />
<br />
They even hook up with guys that don't have some of the above if they are rich.

....Why are there so many delusional men on here who think that they can tell a woman WHAT she wants better than herself?

We want good looking guys with good hearts. How is that not simple?

It is great that you found a girl that likes you a guy who treats her well. There are some girls out there who like guys who are normal, treat them with respect, have stable jobs, etc. But most girls are really looking for a guy who doesn't have these traits...

Awe... sweet. I'm so glad you found the girl you were searching for all that time. While most girl do seem to like bad-boys, there are plenty of girls out there wondering where the sweet, sensitive, and charming men are. I'm still looking for him, and wouldn't have it any other way. :)

you sound like a really sweet person I'm glad that everthing is going well for you and your girlfriend/wife. <br />
<br />
I really don't understand why girls like jerks but then again, guys seem to like bitchy girls. <br />
thanks for posting.

*** that i have been a fukin nice guy since 16 and i'm now 18 and every single girl i have went with has cheated on me. i use to be a **** when i was 15-16 and was fine treated girls like crap. i think its cause girls like being treated like crap.<br />
im now 18 been with 6 girls so far trying to do everything for them, be nice to em and ****... its not worth it. its prob the age bracket, like at this age bracket its to use them then turn into a nice guy later...<br />
girls say that guys are dicks...well girls are just as worse...

thanks igotmine8. your such a nice girl.

i wish the best of luck to you, ur fiancee, and the baby-to-be

glad to hear things are going good for you and your girlfriend! =D people change throughout high school but its a good thing you didnt change yourself to get girls to like you