Bleeding Heart

hi! im a Filipina, 21 yrs. old . i will just go direct to the point i have a boyfriend bahraini offcourse he is muslim and we all know that muslims allowed to marriage 4 times. ok, ahmm i dont know before he have wife, at his age 43 i thought they are divorced and i dont have any idea about his children. were already 4 months when he told me that he still marriage with 5 kids. i want to die that time i knew it because in just 4 months i love him too much like i cannot live w/o him,, his time is always with me, im his secretary in his real estate business and we have our own flat., after work we go home in our flat and he will stay there until 3am sometimes 4 am,he need to go home before 5am because he need to drop all his children in school. but everytime i saw him talking to his wife in the phone im very mad from inside but i didnt say anything.. and i when his sleeping at night i just watch him until he wakes up before 3am.. im crying everynight, and too much hard for me to accept until now were almost 1 year. i dont know what i will do. im still young but i already expirience like this problem,it is very difficult, how? why?? until when??? too much questions but no answer. what i will do??? please help me i need an advice i feel like i will become crazy now. i cannot focus in mylife, and love for me now means SUICIDE. please dont blame me , i dont know what i will do.. =( help me
sheiy sheiy
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Do not waste your life on this man, he does not love you. If he loves you he would not be selfish but think of your well being. He only wants sex.

There are many fishes in the sea. There are many handsome, young and available men out there who are waiting to meet you and love you as their special woman.

You have to make yourself available.

You think you are in love and you cannot live without him only because you are always with him, If you distance yourself from him, you will forget him soon.
Remember, a man that loves you will do ANYTHING to be your EVERYTHING!
So stop moping, fix yourself, get out there and start dating those young men now!

Bilis! Wag kang pabagal bagal and tigilan mo ang mukmok! Ang umiiyak, talo!

hi sheiy, I am also a filipina, near in your age and i feel sad while im reading your story,
I know what are you going through but my advice just keep your distance with him. theres is also a big age gap between you and him, he has a wife with kids, life is too short, u should enjoy!!!dont put your self into trouble for your whole life, ask for space and try to forget him slowly, it will be hard, but i know time will come and you feel better, its really hurt but please think, what kind of future you will have if you will continue this relation. you are young and u dont deserve what is happening to u right now, u deserve a happy life, you deserve a fresh and single man... help your self and think your future....