So Hard!

So, I'm my husbands second wife and I hate it! Granted I was married once before but we were only together for 1 year where as my husbands ex wife and him were together for 10 years. Not to mention that he was with another woman before his ex for 5 years. To top it all off the had one child with the first woman and 2 with his ex wife. So in a twisted kind of way I'm like the third(even though him and the first where never married) but I hate it! I'm 20 weeks pregnant and it breaks my heart that my true love and soul mate didn't have is first child with me... I don't hate my step kids by any means I just resent them at time because they arn't mine... I know it's not their fault and I hate feeling the way I do... I must be a horrible person.....
Distressedwife33 Distressedwife33
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As someone that is in both situations (had been married 16 years to a supernarcissist , had a child from him and now I am dating a divorced wonderful man with two kids...) I can just say YOU ARE WONDERFUL and you have to care about your own baby and yourself. If he had been around so much it means either he has a problem or he hadnĀ“t found before true love, what can be you, why not? I used to hate the new wife of my ex, but why should I? I know the crap she has to put on with and I just feel pitty for her... hope he has changed and wish them all the best. Be hopeful, be happy, treat your stepkids as kind as you would to relatives but never feel less than anyone, you must be special!

Thank you Blood7Orchid! It makes me feel a little better know that someone out there doesn't think of me as a horrible person.

You're not a horrible person. You're an amazing lady to put up with so much. Normally other women would have done something devastating like take away their lives, or destroy everything around them in the process of unleashing their inner green eyed monsters.

You should talk to your husband about your feelings. Start calling your own shots, do it for the baby. Not for yourself.