3 Years On, They Have Worked Out Their Differences And I'm Supposed To Forgive Her To ?

Three years ago my partner (let's call him John) suffered a terrible shock when he found out that his X wife and a friend of mine was cheating on him.  She would tell him she was out with me and, leaving him to look after their two kids, was off having an affair with the man next door.  I was mad when I found out that I had been used but even more angry because I had been sympathetic to her when she  told me  John was violent and she was afraid of him. I had been suckered.

After helping him through the emotional wrekage, the messy divorce and doing everything I could to help him maintain a relationship with his children we ended up getting together and had a loving relationship.

Now, after three years it seems that Xwifey is running out of money, the new boyfriend hasn't lived up to expectations and suddenly John is flavour of  the month.  He is being included in all the plans, being given extra time with the kids, coming home with home made cakes etc.   It's realy getting out of hand.  Now we have a web cam in the house so that they can all chat on line.  I feel this is a real invasion into our home but i'm just being told that things have changed and I have to get used to their new relationship !  

Am I being jelouse, insecure, over protective?  I know he is just being used by her but he can't see that or doesn't want to believe it.  

Do I get out now ?  It's driving me crazy.  Suddenly, i'm the enemy in the camp and making it difficult for everyone !   We have always had the kids every weekend and I have never complained about it.

I'm so sick of hearing the same old line "Well she is the mother of his children "  Yes, I agree but it is not a propriotory position and she wasn't thinking of that when she was shaging the guy next door !

You can tell,  I'm really angry and this isn't healthy.  What should I do ?

betternextlife betternextlife
46-50, F
Feb 21, 2010