Im So Fed Up ....i Wish They Would Just Go Away!!

I have 2 stepdaughters. My husbands divorce became final by the time the youngest was 6 months. I met him when they were 2 and 4. Their mom is an undiagnosed bipolar nutjob. She has made it her lifes mission to ruin our lives!!! I have 2 daughters with my husband. His ex-wife tells my stepdaughters that that are his "replacement family!' So needless to say they hate my kids!! My oldest stepdaughter is 20. The youngest is a junior in high school.
I have tried everything under the sun to get along with their mom. She will play nice for a month or two. I will help her out with the two girls. Running them here or there. Paying for this or that. Trying to help out. But it always ends the same, once she gets what she wants she calls us up or writes a letter saying the most horrid things. I know that they are not true but it hurts my heart so bad. She has used the court system to harass us all these years.My husband always paid his childsupport and I made sure of it. She tried get the judge to say I wasnt allow to write out the check for him. Eventually we had to get a 3rd party involved to witness and handle the exchange of money as a witness to the court. She is always lying to the judge or whoever would listen to her slander our names. She randomly puts bills in our names and has them shipped elsewhere in an attempt to ruin our credit. She has threatened to kill me and even engaged her youngest daughter to publically state she would have me killed if she had the money. It is believed that she encouraged a local thug to attack me while i had my little ones with me. Luckily his numerious attempts failed. This is only a small portion of the torture I have endured these past 10 years. She has remarried 6 times since my husband. Each new marriage and divorce just brings another H3llstorm of events.
My oldest Stepdaughter and I were actually really close for a number of years. I supported her in all her adventures emotionally. And often times financially as well. If I didnt pay for the activity she didnt get to do it. I worked so that I could afford to pay for it. She eventually quit and I decided to stay home with my newborn. A year later she wrote me off when i didnt write a check on demand. It broke my heart to learn that I was nothing more than a paycheck to her.
My youngest stepdaughter has been brainwashed from day one. She is her mother made over. She will randomly call and make comments like: I know you dont pay childsupport. You owe me this or that. My mom has told me the whole truth so I know everything." Even though its all lies...there is no talking to her. She only calls when she wants something. She recently wanted money to attend a very expensive private lessons. She called her dad (my husband) and starting hanging out with him for about a month. Once he gave her the $$ she wouldnt answer his calls, text, or see him again. She constantly drives a wedge between my mother in law and I. The girl thinks she can weasel her way into the will. So she sucks up and spreads the most horrible lies.
My husband copes the best he can. He wants to be the best father he can be to all the kids. I get frustrated because he always caves and gives them whatever money they ask for. Regardless of whether it puts us into a financial dilemna or not. The childsupport - I understand. Im talking about private dance lessons with the "best". My kids never participate in any activites because there is nothing left to spend on them. It makes me so frustrated to see them so spoiled and ungrately, when i cant afford to put my kids in the local rec league. No matter what we do, Its NEVER enough. The more we give, the more they gripe and moan. It has finally taking its toll!

Im so done! I just want them to disappear and leave me alone. They take every opportunity to express their absolute disgust of my very existance. They and their mother make a game out of slandering me, mocking me and being downright cruel. I finally told my husband that I need a break from it all. I managed to forgive them all and put the past behind me. But they just wont leave me alone. They just harass me until the hurt is new all over again. So now Im trying to forgive again. This time I would really really like to forgive and move on with my life. I just cant keep doing this over and over.
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I know how you feel! My step kids are 12 (boy) and 17 (girl). They are both by different mothers. But when I married my hubby the sdaughters mom would tell her that my kids have replaced her. <br />
And the one time we buy our kids anyting , she tells her that MY kids are getting all her gfts! This is even when other ppl give gifts to my kids. Most of everything we have on my home is used or given to us. EX: our furniture. Weve never bought any of it, and my sdaughter would go home and tell her mom that we have all new things and then her mom would call and yell and cuss saying if we can afford all that then we can giver her more money. It aggravates me when he pays child support and they STILL ask for more and more money. Its seems that his kids gets more from us than our own kids :(