I have 2 gorgeous step sons whom I adore. Their birth mother is a drug addict alcoholic who flits in and out of their lives with sporadic visits/phonecalls sometimes as long as two years apart! She is forgiven and the process starts all over again until she lets them down as she always has.. She is poisonous and I feel my gorgeous boys are contaminated after spending time with her...Awful to admit that...She cheats the system and lives on benefits and has taught her two children from a previous marriage to do the same...I dont want our lovely boys buying into that ethos and I dont want them hurt again...Am struggling to cope...Am SO proud of them both and am pleased that they are not eaten up with bitterness and hatred but this does mean they are vulnerable through their naivety and their refusal to acknowledge her addictions...How do I protect them and at the same time maintain my own sanity...??!!
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1 Response May 15, 2012

You cannot. This is something they have to figure out on their own. All you can do, is be who you have been for them. They need that. In essense you do have to let go, just a little bit before you drive yourself crazy. Good luck.