I Can't Stand My Sd,i'm At My Witts End.

I met my husband 7 years ago,he was separated with a 2year old daughter the child would spend every weekend with us,when the child was 4 and after. 2 years of bs from the bm making demands and then not allowing visitation because we couldn't afford taxi fares to and for daycare as well as clothes shoes toys furniture outings oh yes the bm fridge busted so we had to buy a new one for her ect ect we didn't see the ad for a year and then won visitation in court the ad came to us brainwashed I was evil and she wished I was dead this all went on untill 2 years ago when the bm dumped her on us and took off to another state with a new man the bm has seen her child once in. 2 years we have full custody of the child and it has been hell,she lies,she steals,she is abusive to her little sister mine and bd daughter together,she is manipulative and her dad does nothing no support from him ever this horrible sneaky child has been dumped on me and if I say anything about how I'm feeling I get yelled at told to grow up I'm the adult deal with it,I have tried I've had her to councilling,doctors,psychs,police station and all that has achieved is the ad is now more sneaky she is 9 now been with me for. 2 years I find myself wishing she would get hit by a car I am miserable in my own home she makes life for us miserable and a constant struggle and I'm sick of arguing with my husband but I feel trapped I have no money,no job anymore cos the behavior so bad I had to give up work to look after this needy,greedy,brat all I am is a purse,my life is a competition with a manipulative cruel child whom I can't stand her mission is to get rid of me and her sister so she can have my home and my husband all to her self she hoards food eats like a pig is so overweight,she has no empathy and h
As nothing nice to say,all I hear is I want this I want that,her bm doesn't call or have anything to do with her I pay for phone calls I pay for gifts to bm I take the brat to doctors,school,I feed and cloth and I resent this child for ruining my life.
Stepmumblues Stepmumblues
May 19, 2012