Sad And Confused

Im 23 years old. I have a 6 month old baby with my husband. He has a 8 year old son by another girl who is hardly in her sons life. She has her issues and just recently started seeing him once a week for an hour. We have been together 2 years and the son has always been in the picture since my husband has sole and residential custody. We have only been married for 4 months and before we were married my step son was ok ( not a great kid but ok) him and his father have always lived in my husbands moms house and she totally destroyed her grandson she let him get away with everything he does and says whatever he wants so when my husband moved into a place with me I set the rules for my step son n tried to break him of old habits his grandma created needless to say we are worse then before. He sleeps there once a week during the week and she gets him to school and once over the weekend. Her and I no longer speak because of all the anger I have towards her for not backing me and my husband up when it comes to my step son. I have time and time again wanted to leave with my son. I just can't because I love my husband way to much but now me and my step son hardly speak because I can't get any respect. He disregards everything and I refuse to have my son grow up like him
But I don't know how I'm going to have to sets of rules (since my step son doesn't listen) I cringe at the thought of my step son around my son ( monkey see monkey do). I'm stuck and everyday cry I hate how greats husband and I were and now alls we do is fight over his son. It's taking a real toll on me and I don't know where to go from here I need advice please.
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If Grandma won't back you up and enforce the rules you set he doesn't go to Grandma's house. if your husband won't back you up then you must do what is best for your son.

Time to spank that kid n take priviledges away!!! I dealt with my boyfriends 3 kids n at first they were out of control n with continued set boundaries and help from my kids who were older they learned how far they could push situations without gettin into trouble<br />
So your husband needs to come down hard n when that kid starts disrespecting you he needs to do something

You need to set a few things straight with your husband. Your stepson is probably missing his real mom or may have some hurt with him. If he won't listen to you make your husband set the rules. He may listen to him more since they are blood related. Your stepson has gone though a lot in such a young age. Your son may also have emotional problems as well. I can understand him a little because I grew up and am still dealing with a mother with severe Schizophrenia and she has gotten absolutely no treatment for it. She has her good moments but I have so much resentment towards her that it caused me to go through a lot emotionally and affected me mentally. This turned me into a rebellious teenager and because of my ways my Autistic little brother has copied a lot of what I do and now he's a complete monster. By the way he's 6 and acts horrible just like your stepson, spoiled rotten to the bone. Grandmas also have a huge tendency to spoil their grandchildren. So what she's doing is not okay but nothing out of the norm. I also believe that your husband should be backing you up 100% not arguing. He needs to be way more supportive. <br />
<br />
I wish nothing but blessings in your life and may God watch over you. I understand how you feel because of my little brother. I reccomend you should take your stepson to a Behavioral Specialist ASAP!