Feel My Baby Will Not Be Loved As Much As My Step Daughter!

Ive feel my baby will not be loved as much as my step daughter! I've been with my fiance for a little over a year, known him for four years . He has a 3 year old daughter from a previous relationshi. We gt her every other week. Her mom is nice, but I have a problem, I am pregnant for the first time and feel as if my child will b second to his daughter.I watch her throughout the entire day and she's so bossy n feels the world revolves around her. My fiance andher mom never correct her! She hits them n yells n gets whatever she wants! Not with me . I adore her and am nice and she likes me but when she sticks her tpunge out when I correct her or hits me I tell her politely but seriously to stop it. And she starts crying! I'm not going to sit here and let a 3 year old get away with everything! Imagine what she'll be like as a teen if they keep this up. They thinkots funny when she smacks them cuz they ask her to clean up her toys. No its Bs! And I feel that he isn't that excited thT we're having another baby, I'm new obthis and am excited about everything yet he acts like he's beenthere done that nothing new. Is this normal!? Help Idk if I can stand it. I start resenting him and I get pissy because she gets all of his attention and he can't even touch me hen we sleep cuz hshe sleeps in the bed with us n he has to cater to her! Sorry I'm kinda randomly ranting about every little thing. She has him frkn wrapped around her finger n he gets mad cuz she smacks him n the face and I question why he doesn't correct her! Sometimes I get so mad at her actions I have to leave the room.
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I feel for you. I recognise the bits about being pregnant and not really being able to enjoy it. There was so much drama with my husband's kids during my two pregnancies that I never got to enjoy it one bit. Especially as I live very far away from my friends & family. Especially loved the first visit of my husband's family in the hospital after giving birth to my first child...they only talked about the drama that occured when my husband had his other kids. Just what you want to hear as a proud first time mom. My husband's family are not evil but clueless to the feelings of a stepmom. Btw...my husband was lousy at the parenting at first as well but turned around completely. Now it's same rules for all kids (ofcourse adapted to age).

Good luck on your stepmom journey!!!